We are glad to welcome you as a guest contributor.

But serving our audience quality is the crux of our mission. For this reason, potential guest writers should be willing to follow our guidelines. Right from the procedure for writing articles to their submission. 

Note that, as a Guest Contributor, your bio will get published and accompanied by only one NO-FOLLOW link. Once published, you cannot request it to be tweaked or removed for reasons against those captured in our guidelines. 

We screen and evaluate new submissions weekly during weekends. And in the case of approval or rejection, you’ll get an email to that effect. 

With no intent to keep our guest contributor in the dark as regards content structure and order, we have penned down the following:

Content Guide to help you grasp what we expect: 

1.100% Original Work, free of plagiarism 

We shall check your work through specialized tools for plagiarism in your writing. An example of this tool is Copyscape.com and the like.

2. Content length is between 1000-3000 words

Each sentence in every paragraph of your writing shouldn’t exceed 20 words. Thus we shall adopt the YOAST readability assessment. 

3. Only English

Our audience is English-oriented. So create your piece in English.

4. We automatically reject AI Written pieces

We sternly frown at using AI writing tools in content creation. Our audience are humans. So write your unique piece from your heart supported by research. 

5. Great Titles

Use a strong Headline that is captivating and explicit about what your writing is about

6. Use Proper Subheadings on your content

Make sure your wordings of subheadings are not too long, not more than 250 words. (Lesser than that would still be fine). 

7. Proofread your piece before submitting it

Make sure you eliminate the fluff in your content before submission.

Things we DO NOT ALLOW

Violating any will lead to your entry getting disqualified.

1. Promotional Content 

By promotional content, we mean any content promoting a product, business, site, or other stuff.

2. Adding links to your content

Submit your plain article without any links. Although, you should reference articles, journals, or blogs you consulted while writing without links. 

3. Do not add Embedded Images or Infographics

We have a policy for adding photos to our content, so we relieve you of the stress of doing that.  

4. DO NOT write on any topics that fall in the categories below: 

  • CBD
  • Escort service
  • Gambling
  • Guns and other weapons
  • Rape
  • Sex
  • Vaping
  • Violence
  • Racial and discriminating content 

5. Do not submit an already published content

We only accept fresh and quality content. So, don’t submit any piece published online elsewhere. Because once we realize that, it leads to automatic rejection. 

Tips for you to write an excellent article for our blog

1. Keep the introduction short

The first line of your post is the chance you get to catch the reader’s attention. So don’t make it vague or too lengthy. A brief, compelling introduction is okay. 

2. Write a valuable and engaging content

It is our goal to provide our audience with nothing less than quality. So you may want to ask yourself the questions below before you send in your article:

Is the article providing valuable information?

Who is going to benefit from the article? 

3. Keep your writing simple and plain

Ensure your article is free from ambiguity by making it easy to read and understand.

For more questions and clarifications, email: