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You’ll agree that the importance of healthy eating, exercising regularly, and practicing self-care have gone past debating topics. Because everybody knows all these are what their body needs for overall physical and mental health, even if they lack the motivation to exercise frequently. 

That’s because exercising sometimes feels like a hard thing to do. Especially, when your to-do list seems pretty long and overwhelming. On such times or days, you seem to need more motivation and reasons to exercise than (on those days) when it happens almost spontaneously. 

You see, the subject of motivation can be tricky. It’s up for a while and goes off the next minute, day or week. So how do you prioritize your health and fitness without a staggering motivation? In this post, you’ll learn how to overcome the lack of motivation to exercise and the 10 reasons that motivates you to do exercise. 

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation to Exercise

Many often justify their lack of motivation to exercise by being busy and having no time. While this may sound a bit justifiable considering how busy our world is, considering how detrimental not exercising is to your health, you probably come to terms that there is no excuse for letting a lack of motivation stop you from exercising. 

Bottom line: you have to generate the motivation you need to exercise to maintain that healthy weight, enhance proper bodily functions, and achieve your desired shape. These are some reasons to spur you to get off the couch and click the “activate exercise now” button in your head when you don’t feel like it, even though you might have to start small. 

With that said, some of the tips below will help you:

1. Create a good mental image of exercise

Frankly, some people lack motivation to exercise, maybe not because they’re new to exercise but because they see it as something difficult, boring, and perhaps, pointless. Having such a mental picture of exercise won’t inspire you to hit the gym or do a little squatting each time you wake up every morning. 

So to overcome this lack of motivation for exercise syndrome, you need to change your mindset. Start seeing it as what’s best for you by carefully weighing the benefits you can enjoy from it against the consequence of not exercising. 

2. Make it part of your daily routine

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits of exercising, it’s time to incorporate it into your day. In doing this, you don’t have to be unrealistic. Neither do you need to beat your brain and body with unambiguous goals such as setting 2 hours for exercising? That will most likely not be feasible for you and may break your body on the first day of the trial. 

Instead, you can set 15-30 minutes for exercise, depending on the time you think is best for you. It could be in the morning, once you get off your bed before taking your bath to get ready for work. 

As a beginner (or one) who’s resuming exercise after a long time, you decide to spend those minutes on light exercises in your room, such as stretching the difference of your body, squatting, etc. Those are for indoors, but for doors, you can try walking or jogging. 

However, you may need to consult your health practitioner to assist you in picking the one best for you and your current health condition. 

3. Get an exercise partner

One of the ways to get over your lack of motivation to exercise is by getting a partner. Have you ever tried exercising with someone? If yes, you’d agree that’s quite enjoyable. 

So if you seem to lack the motivation to exercise, you may want to get a motivated partner to give you the little push you need. 

10 Reasons that Motivate you to do Exercise

#1. Boost Your Energy

Many think exercise will consume their energy and leave them weak, so they try to dodge away from it. But that’s not true in the long run. Because each time you exercise, blood vessels in your muscles widen and, in turn, make them function properly. And as a result, there’s an increase in blood flow, metabolic rate, and oxygen—and essentially, you become more energized.  

So if you’re in the habit of exercising in the morning or afternoon, you’ll feel invigorated all through your day.

#2. Keep you in perfect shape and appearance

Beyond making you feel better and energized, exercise can help you achieve a lovely appearance and body physique. But that would only work when you have healthy and effective stress management in place.

However, there’s an exceptional role of genetics in all of these and in determining the physical appearance we take on. That’s why it is impossible for someone to eat healthily, exercise daily, and stay off unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and intake of alcohol, yet have high cholesterol. And you’d begin to wonder why?

Genetics. Heredity.

That’s also applicable for some folks who are physically built but rarely spend time at the gym. While bodybuilding exercises can add to their body mass and muscles, they’re big naturally. Because they’re born in a family with a genetic orientation of larger “frames”.

#3. Replace stiffness with flexibility

As a content writer, who writes thousands of words daily in my workspace, I stand up from my chair on an interval basis to stretch my body. And each time I do that, my body produces cracking sounds, as if my bones are breaking. But in the real sense, I’m getting rid of the possibility of stiffness in my body.

The same applies to you. Each time you stretch your body before and after the exercise, your muscles become more elastic. As a result, that enhances your body’s flexibility, and often you can feel you make certain movements, such as twisting some parts of your body or the whole.

#4. Increase your body system’s immunity

Since exercising improves the rate at which our white blood cells circulate, our body gains the capacity to fend off dangerous bacteria from our system that can result in ill health. 

Consequently, this helps us to leave the above sickness. But should we fall sick, the improved blood circulation in our system can speed up our recovery rate.

#4. Fast healing from Injury

With a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, you increase the rate at which injured tissues or cells of your body can repair themselves. That’s possible because daily exercising helps you boost your white blood cells and muscle tissue. And in turn, alleviate possible swelling that could occur from injuries from accidents or surgery.

#5. Increase your ability to manage stress

Health practitioners appreciate that our body needs smooth and adequate flow and blood supply, which carries oxygen to the brain. And for that to be possible, the hormone called adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) needs to be in abundant supply. Interestingly, exercise increases its production.

No wonder exercise has been shown by recent research in health as a stress reliever. Not only that, by stimulating the production of sufficient adrenaline for our body, it helps us stay alert and aware of our surroundings. Thus, helping you manage stress with so much grace.

#6. Exercise helps you achieve sweet sleep

You’re more likely to sleep better when you exercise frequently. And as a result, it improves your mind and equips you with the ability to deal with stress. 

#7. Exercise regulates your blood sugar levels

By helping you increase your body metabolism and burn calories down, exercise helps you keep blood sugar in check. Therefore, help prevent sugar-related health conditions such as diabetes. But for one who’s diabetic, it will help keep your blood sugar under control. 

#8. Improve your Self-Image 

By achieving and maintaining your desired physique, exercise improves your self-image. Because the truth is that when you’re happy with your body weight and shape, you become more confident and gain more self-confidence. 

#9. Improve the health of your heart

While this appears as number nine on this blog post, it’s probably the first benefit you enjoy from regular exercise. That’s because when you exercise every day, you become healthy and function at its peak. Consequently, it helps lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure (especially if you’re disturbed by high blood pressure). But more importantly, it reduces your risk of having heart-related diseases. 

 #10. Make your look fresh and young

What do you expect when your whole body system is working perfectly well? Of course, you’ll look healthy and fresh and most likely younger than your age. 

Isn’t that something you want for yourself? 

Yes, I guess. Everybody wants that. And that’s the reason we all must employ self-discipline to exercise regularly, even when we don’t feel like it. 

You can read my book on self-discipline. 

Final thought: 10 Reasons that Motivates you to do Exercise

If you’re having a hard time generating the motivation you need to exercise, you may you’ve less of the benefits you get from doing so. Some of them have been outlined and explained above under the subheading: 10 reasons that motivate you to exercise. 

It’s time to get out of your couch and exercise. Yes, regularly. So that you can achieve maximum physical and mental health while you live happily. 

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