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Looking for an introduction about myself sample? How do I give an introduction about myself? Has this ever been a concern to you when you meet a stranger in a professional environment or other informal or semi-formal settings?

Most likely, that’s the reason you’re reading this.

Undoubtedly, in our quest for a career and personal development, many of us attend networking events and business meetings; and often, we need to give an introduction about ourselves to someone or a group.

Thus, in this article, we’ll explore the following:

  • how do I write a good introduction about myself
  • how to give an introduction about myself in an interview
  • Introduction about myself sample for student
  • Is an “introduction about myself” sample different from the “self-introduction” sample?

How do I give a good introduction about myself?

Saying your name is just a part of giving an introduction about yourself. But there’s more. And it even requires careful thought when you’re introducing yourself to a stranger. It could be in a job interview, via email, or other means. Depending on the context.

How to give an introduction about myself in an interview

Knowing what to say at the right time determines your chance of landing your dream job (in the case of a job interview) more than the job application letter you’ve written. Especially when your employer asks you to tell them about yourself during the interview. 

The following are things you should consider when trying to give an introduction about yourself in an interview:

  • Take the setting into consideration

When trying to introduce yourself in any situation, knowing the context is crucial is very crucial. That’s why you should know about the business environment and the goal of the interview to enable you to adopt the most appropriate kind of language and communication pattern. (Check the introduction about myself below.)

  • Do your research

Indeed, when preparing for an interview, you can’t downplay the significance of taking your time to research the employer that is about to interview you. That’s if the interview is a job interview. 

Beyond the fact that quality research equips you with a wealth of knowledge about the employer and how to approach possible questions you might get asked, it helps you to prepare yourself for one of the most dreaded job interview questions: “Tell us about yourself.

And that leads to the next point.

  • Prepare your answer

Coming up with a compelling answer to serve as an “introduction about myself” statement demands your careful thought. But then, you don’t want to prepare as one who’s about to defend a doctoral thesis before a panel of highly respected academics.  

Preparing a good answer should help you come up with a response that will leave a high-powered effect on whoever is interviewing you. 

  • Control your body language

In every communication (especially face-to-face interactions), the importance of nonverbal communication cannot be over-emphasized. During an interview session, you should maintain good body language. Ranging from a good level of eye contact with your interviewer, and keeping up a smiling face to project yourself as a cheerful and engaging personality. 

And some of the nonverbal communication skills include good eye contact, a firm handshake, good voice tone, etc.


Introduction about myself sample in an interview

Sample 1: 

My name is James Stones, and I’m a copywriter with over five years of direct response copywriting. At BMB Agency, helping small and medium-scale businesses win the war against bankruptcy has been my delight. In the last quarter, with compelling copies, I’ve helped not less than 100 businesses attain above 50% increase in conversation rate. I’m ready to take up a new challenge while I crack up sales for your highly-tech company.

Sample 2. 

My name is Adeleja Greig, I’m a first-class graduate in accountancy, with a strong background in business and management. Aside from the fact that I just earned my ICAN certificate, I’m young, open to knowledge, and ready to work hard to keep the bottom line of your company in good shape through proper financial records as I advance my professional career in the finance space.

Sample 3. 

My name is Jessica Gabriel, I’m a trained educator with over four years of experience as an English teacher in Montessori standard schools. I help high school students fall in love with English as their written and oral communication in English gets polished. I’ve got a Bsc in English education. And I love working with a formidable team like yours, committed to taking education to a new height.

Sample 4.

My name is Sam Wood, and I’m a QA engineer with three years of experience aiding the launches of hundreds of software products. It’s great excitement to have facilitated the development and launch of 50 software products with more than fifty percent of 4.5-star reviews on the Google play store. I graduated with a first-class in computer engineering from Lancaster University. I’m delighted to interview for this post and joining your team will be another opportunity to set a new tray of excellent results.


Introduction about myself sample for student

As a fresher to a school or college, introducing yourself is something you must do with so much finesse. It projects a powerful or an awful first impression to others. 

Thus, your student self-introduction should constitute simple facts about yourself. Some of which include your name, chosen course, and other details. 

And your “introduction about myself” may start with a formal greeting such as good morning, evening, or as the case may be. Then followed by your name, the purpose for coming to the school (or attending a class), and other essential details that’ll earn the impression you want for yourself— from others. 

When giving an “introduction about myself,” you may include brief information about your internship, co-curricular activities that fascinate you, certifications you’ve earned, and other relevant details to your field. But then, this depends on your educational level and the context, as said earlier. 

In other words, the introduction of a Master’s student will most likely far outweigh that of a fresher in college who seems new to tertiary education. Unlike the Master’s student with a prior educational background aside from high school experience.

Introduction about myself sample in class

Self-introduction in class is either done by students or by the teacher(s). Thus, some examples in the section will get discussed in two categories: Introductions by students and those by teachers

Introduction about myself sample in a class by Student

Sample 1: 

“Hello everyone, my name is Charity Osborne. I am a newbie freelance copywriter looking for ways to land more jobs. So, I was keen to take this class when I heard that it would help polish my copywriting skills and get me more paying clients. I love meeting new people through meetings (an online lecture) like this.

Sample 2. 

Hi everyone, my name is Joseph Adelaja. I’m a penultimate mass communication student at the University of Benin, Benin city. I’m excited to be part of this class because I see it as a platform to acquire practical skills (and secrets) from successful journalists and practitioners in the media business. By the way, I sing when I’m not writing. 

Sample 3. 

“Hello, I’m Angel Chapman. I was born here in Texas, United State, and I’ve lived here all my life, except for some short-lived travels to other places. As my mother tongue, I write and speak English so fluently. But with the desire to learn another foreign language, I decided to enroll in this French online class. I love soccer as a game the same way I love crackers and coffee. 

Sample 4

My name is Fang, I’m from China. I was born in Beijing, the capital of China. I’m into business, which involves me communicating with people outside China, especially in English. Apart from early morning jogging, I barely have any hobbies. My sole purpose in taking this class is to help me improve my English speaking ability. 

Introduction about myself sample in a class by Teacher

As a new teacher in any school, one of the challenges you’ll face is creating a powerful first impression on your learners. That if you do poorly in introducing yourself to one or two classes can influence the respect and love you hold in the hearts of your students. Why? That’s because while you give your “Introduction about myself” statement, your students are busy forming an opinion about you. 

So the following are samples of an introduction about myself statement:

Sample 1.

Welcome to class! I’ve waited for this time. Why? Because I’ll be your new teacher. My name is Philip Jackson. With my years of interacting with youngsters, one thing that gives me joy is to see them grow into lovely individuals who’re not scared of the future. But well prepared and grounded for a healthy and functional life. 

Did you know you are more functional with a good background in finance and keeping good track of the movement of money, both in our individual lives, businesses, or the economy as a whole? Hence, as your new account teacher, it’s my job to make my students fall in love with accounting and become good managers. 

Sample 2. 

“Hello, I’m Alex Mathew. I’m your new math teacher. And with a decade of experience as a mathematics teacher, I’ve hundreds of students kill their phobia for math by simply teaching them in the most fascinating, educative way. 

Against your preconception, you’ll realize soon how math can be your new hobby.  

Sample 3.

Hello, welcome back to class! 

I’m Loretta Richard. I love reading anything in literature, From prose to play; and from play to poetry. And with my five years of experience as a secondary school teacher in literature in English, I’ve not only helped hundreds of students pass their final examinations. I have made them learn to use their imaginative power to explore life through a tool called Literature in English. 

A tool that shouldn’t lay idle. I’m your new Literature in English instructor, and I’d love to know how your journey in subject has been with your previous instructor. 


Introduction about myself sample to a new team member

Sample 1.

“Hello, I’m Geraldine. What’s your name? It’s great meeting you, ____. I learned you’re the new secretary that just got hired by the HR department, meaning we’ll be working hand in hand.

I just wanted to extend a warm welcome while I introduced myself. Please don’t hesitate to call on me if there’s anything or any way I can be of help to assist your adapting process to your new role with us.”


Introduction about myself sample to a stranger on a plane


“(with a smile on your face)

Hello, it’s interesting that I’ll be sitting next to you for the next 8 hours. And I don’t intend to bother you, I’m Peter. What’s your name? What a great name! it’s great meeting you, ____. What got you on the flight to the UK?”

Introduction about myself sample in a program, meeting, or presentation

Sample 1.

“Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin Cole. I’m the host of Singles & Courtship, and with my guest tonight we’ll consider a crucial topic that has caused thousands of sleepless nights in pain and anguish.”

Sample 2. 

“Good afternoon everyone and all protocol duly observed. My name is Evi Emmanuel, the team leader of the collection department. It’s a great delight to announce that my team has done excellently before the end of the month— having surpassed our work target. But then, we still have a challenge yet to be resolved, which is the issue of non-replacement of working equipment. 

If that can get attended to swiftly, that may result in a 5% boost in our already achieved milestone.”

Sample 3

“Good morning all, I’m Henry Nnamdi, the head of the sales unit. I’m using the opportunity to welcome all recruits warmly into this unit. While it’s evident your adjustment to your new role takes a while, the management is charging you to engage your problem-solving skills—and the lesson learned from the just-concluded training in carrying out your duties and responsibilities.”


Introduction about myself sample to a client (via email)

 You may also want to reach out to a prospective client or customer via email. Just as face-to-face meetings can be effective, a well-crafted introduction about myself can set you at the top of the go-list of your potential customers.

Here, the strength of your professional introduction about you and your brand relies heavily on the accuracy of the email and clarity of language you use. Below is an example.


“Hello, I’m Alexia from E-Business solutions. And this is to inform you of the variety of services we render to help businesses like yours achieve solid customer service support with your clients—to help you achieve increase in your customer base and sales. We have different options for you, with special offers, and thus I’d love to give you more information in a 5-10 minutes appointment…”

An introduction about myself sample at a party 


“Hello, I’m Patrick. You seem to be flowing with music. It’s like it falls on the favorite list? I love Justin Bieber’s music too. What’s your name? Lovely, it’s nice meeting you____.”

Is an introduction about myself sample different from the self-introduction sample?

First, you may want to know the difference between an “introduction about myself” and a “self-introduction” statement. 

But the fact remains. While you’ll always need to introduce yourself in different settings, you can get asked to do so through diverse questions. It could come in a job interview or any other as:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Please introduce yourself to us
  • Give a self-introduction about you
  • Can we meet you?

Now, you can see whether you’re asked to give a self-introduction or an “introduction about myself,” you’re required to introduce yourself to a person or a group. In other words, there’s a relationship between both, even though they might not appear as perfect synonyms. 

In simple terms, you can say that an introduction about myself sample is not different from a self-introduction sample. (Some of the samples you’ll come across in this blog post)

Bonus tips for giving a good introduction about yourself

  • Maintaining good eye contact
  • Keep it short, simple, yet engaging
  • Be professional in your introduction as possible you can
  • Use your real name and not your nickname
  • Be clear when introducing yourself. Don’t use slang or colloquial language?
  • Look your best by dressing elegantly.
  • Consider the social context of the introduction
  • Ask questions
  • Be brief, and don’t say too much.
  • Establishing a common ground (in your introduction

Final Thought 

You’d agree that the goal of giving an introduction about yourself to a person or a group is to establish rapport. And while your self introduction does part of the work, an effective conversation skills can project long-lasting compelling impression.


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