Jobs that make you rich fast without a degree or experience

13 Jobs that make you rich fast without a degree ($50,000 yearly)


Some jobs make you get by, while others make you rich and faster than you may imagine. So what are the possible Jobs that make you rich fast without a degree? 

You’ll learn that in this article. And note that most of these jobs may not require a degree, though you’ll learn immensely on the job. 


Below are jobs that make you rich fast without a degree, yet crediting your bank with at least $50,000 every year

1. Wind Turbine Service Technicians

These are technicians that help in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of wind turbines. You can also call them wind techs. 

If you’ve seen a wind turbine before, you may have observed that they have three major components: a tower, three blades, and a nacelle (composed of the outer case, generator, gearbox, and brakes). 

Aside from installing and repairing existing ones, some Wind techs get engaged in developing new ones. But for already installed ones that are functioning, they’re electronically monitored 24 hours a day from a central office. And when a fault is detected, wind techs are deployed to fix the issue(s) at the worksite.

According to US Bureau Labor Statistics, a Wind Turbine Service Technician earns an estimated (as of 2021) average salary of $56,260 yearly. 


2. Commercial pilots

Commercial pilots are one of the types of pilots we have and are usually engaged in unscheduled flight operations. And some of these activities include charter flights, aerial applications, aerial tours, and other extra nonflight roles.

However, some commercial pilots execute responsibilities such as making maintenance arrangements for flights, scheduling flights, and loading luggage. 

And interestingly, in the US, airline and commercial pilots make an average salary of $134,630 per year.

3. Industrial machinery mechanics 

These are mechanics that ensure that different types of machinery are in good shape and working fine for optimal productivity. And to do that, they maintain and repair various industrial machinery and factory equipment with their technical knowledge and expertise.

And that may involve consulting technical manuals to gain a practical and in-depth understanding of how these machines work. Because when they know everything they need to know about these machines, they’ll be able to fix any faults they develop.

Industrial machinery mechanics are also known as maintenance machinists. They make an average salary of $59,380 per year, based on the estimation (as of 2021) provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Aircraft mechanics and service technicians

These are the individuals that make an aircraft airworthy. When they observe and diagnose any fault in a plane, they fix them. 

Aircraft mechanics and service technicians perform maintenance and repairs on parts that may be defective, which includes brakes, electrical, Repair wings, systems, and other aircraft components.

Though a degree is not a qualification to get this job, you may read maintenance manuals and figure out repair procedures for some of these faulty parts. But beyond repair and testing of these aircraft parts with diagnostic equipment and gauges, Aircraft mechanics and service technicians document their work.

But at the end of the day, they smile home with an estimated average of earning $65,550 per year. 

5. Mobile heavy equipment mechanics, except engines

These are mechanics in the construction, logging, and mining industries, whose jobs revolve around diagnosing, overhauling, or repairing hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical equipment. 

Examples of these industrial machines include graders, conveyors, bulldozers, etc. These technical professionals earn an annual average salary of $57,280. 

Jobs that make you rich fast without a degree yet with lost of learnings on the job

6. Millwrights

They work on industrial machines. And could be an installation, maintenance, or/and disassembling them.

Millwrights do repairs on faulty, which includes replacing defective or worn-out parts. And to do that, they use various hand tools (such as hammers, levels, etc.) and measuring devices (like measuring tapes, micrometers, lasers, etc.). 

But for big projects and moving machines to desired locations, the utilization of cranes, trucks, forklifts, hoists, and other implements may arise.

Meanwhile, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Millwrights, industrial machinery mechanics, and maintenance workers make an average salary of $59,380 per year.

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7. Aircraft cargo handling supervisors

These are professionals saddled with the responsibility of coordinating and supervising the roles of the ground crew, which include unloading, loading, protecting, and staging aircraft baggage or cargo. Beyond this, aircraft cargo handling supervisors may join the flight crew of an aircraft to handle and monitor cargo in flight while emergency and safety procedures in duly considered. 

In the US, an aircraft cargo handling supervisor earns an average salary of $62,080 annually.

8. Subway and streetcar operator

These are automotive professionals. They drive subways or electric-powered streetcars to convey passengers. 

However, Subway and streetcar operators give reports to their supervisors as to mechanical issues and emergencies. The scope of their job description may include the handling of fares. 

However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a typical subway and Streetcar operator makes an average earning of $71,520 annually.

9. Athletes and sports competitors

These are professionals involved in athletic and sports events or activities such as football, hockey, and other individual sports, such as car racing, golf, tennis, etc. For example, a professional footballer doesn’t need to have a degree to be able to score a goal on the football pitch.  

Once he has the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge of the game that, all together, can cause his team to win, he’s good to go. If you are a soccer fan, you know how much an average footballer makes a week, let alone the superstars, who are at the top of their games. 

Anyways, it’s estimated that Athletes and sports competitors in the US make an average earning of $77,300 per year— and could be way more.

Jobs that make you rich fast without a degree

10. Private detectives and investigators 

Private detectives and investigators are specialists in collecting and documenting evidence that will significantly determine the outcome of a legal case in a court of law. And so their services are needed by individuals, businesses, and attorneys. 

Private detectives and investigators seek to turn every stone in a case of interest to whoever is hiring them. And to achieve that, they conduct interviews with people and do extensive online research for sensitive and conductive surveillance to gather relevant and quality information for their clients.

If you’re aspiring to become a private detective or investigator, a high diploma or equivalent suffices, coupled with the necessary license. Still this professional makes an estimated average salary of $59,380 per year.

11. Hearing aid specialists

As the name implies, these are specialists that administer and interpret hearing tests. And then help these individuals select hearing aids that suit their needs. The average estimated annual earnings of hearing aid specialists are $59,960. 

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12. Miscellaneous first-line supervisors, protective service workers 

These are employees that work in the Justice, public order, and safety activities industry. Workers under this category according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, earn an annual average salary of $53,210.

13. Elevator and escalator Installer and repairers

These are experts that install, maintain, and repair moving walkways, elevators, escalators, and other lifts. They are also known as elevator and escalator constructors or mechanics. As of 2021, the average annual earnings of professionals are estimated at around $97,860.



You’ll agree rewards always accompany diligent work, and getting a job without a degree is possible. But choosing the one that will make you rich out of many can be daunting, but once you pick one, be ready to learn and advance in it. Then the money will follow. 

PS: Figures of those earnings are extracted from the US Burea Labor Statistics (as of 2021)

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