Top ten jobs that can make you a billionaire today

Top ten Jobs that can Make you a Billionaire Today


You make money from your job. But what are the top ten jobs that can make you a billionaire? What profession will readily pop up in your mind?

Chances are your current job may be part of the list in your head. Either way, the truth is that all professionals make money from their crafts. But in this article, you’ll learn about professions that make the most money.

Read carefully.

Top ten jobs that can make you a billionaire

1. Athletes and other Sports professionals

There are many sporting activities and games with which people get themselves entertained. Some include football, basketball, hockey, volley, boxing, wrestling, etc. 

But after each game, the professionals who participate and contend in these competitions smile home with mind-blowing checks

And, of course, every sports professional knows the rigors associated with trying to be at their best form. They train constantly, and most of them are on a strict diet to deliver spectacular performances in each appearance on the pitch or track. 

Take football, for example; you have the likes of Christiano Ronaldo as one of the superstars, who makes £385,000 per week. Even an average player without his name grafted in the heart of millions makes a fortune every week. But to enjoy these billionaire jobs, you must have chosen one and continue honing your skills. 

2. Investment banker 

These are well-paid professionals in the finance and banking career paths. With their number-crunching and analytical abilities, and excellent communication skills, they save their clients’ time and money from uncalculated risks and losses.

Investment bankers work with financial institutions (investment banks or the division of investment banking), raising capital funds for government and corporate organizations. They facilitate mergers and acquisitions. 

However, while an investment banker is a billionaire job, the accompanying responsibilities are not a walk in the park. So if you’re looking for a job that can afford flexible scheduling and a 40-hour week engagement, then investment banker should be canceled out as one of your options.

That said, though the corporate needs of a client(s) determine the job responsibilities of an investment banker, below include finance advisory activities he engages in:

  • Capital Raising (comprising prospectus drafting, Initial public offerings (IPOs), Issuing & Selling Securities, etc.
  • Private Placement of Capital
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Debt & Equity Advisory Services
  • And others

In the US, according to, an investment banker makes an average annual salary of $80,225. 

3. Entrepreneur

You may be surprised that this is part of the top ten jobs that can make you a billionaire today, and perhaps, wondering when entrepreneurship became a job. 

Yes, it is. Because a job, in this context, is what you do with your productive time to earn a living. And you’re either working for someone else or yourself. 

With that said, you’ll agree that the world is full of problems that need solutions. And that’s what billionaire entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and the likes do. They identify business opportunities (challenges) and create products and services to solve them. 

So if you want to start a business, you must find a niche for yourself first. There are easy businesses you can start, but you’ll require persistent dedication to succeed at any in the long run. And eventually, you’ll earn your billionaire status.

Jobs that will make you a billionaire

4. Real Estate developer/Agent

Over the years, real estate has remained a goldmine for many investors and those looking for careers that will make them rich. 

Real estate is full of opportunities, whether you want to venture in as a developer or an agent. Whatever you want, the most important thing is to seek knowledge; so that you don’t make the terrible mistakes many make. 

In other words, to tap into this ever-lucrative market, you must invest yourself. A good start will be learning all you need (and can) know about the industry, real estate policies, and legalities, with specific reference to your region and local market. Soon, you’ll be amazed at how you’ll join the billionaires league in the game. 

5. Accountant

Accountants is one of the careers that will make you rich in the finance and banking career paths. Especially if you’re interested in figures and extensive calculation and financial recording.

Accountants are ever-sought professionals that help corporate organizations and even governments keep, maintain and interpret financial records in sync with financial reporting standards and other legal frameworks.

And because of that, accounting gurus like Arthur Blank, Phil Knight, Denise Coates, and others have made a fortune for themselves. 

So If you know your onions as an accountant, you’ll rise to the top in your field– and soon the billionaires club. But then, there are prices you must pay in terms of obtaining educational qualifications and professional certifications. Meanwhile, an average accountant makes an estimated average annual earnings of $59,109.

6. Information Security director

The information security director, also known as the IT security director, is a senior role in the information technology department of an organization. He oversees the entire IT security of an organization.

Though technical, the job role of this professional involves creating, designing, and implementing effective strategies and procedures for an organization’s information security system.

In other words, IT security directors protect the company’s information systems against all kinds of security threats, bugs, weaknesses, or as the case may be. But then, educational qualifications in Computer Science, IT, Cyber-Security, or equivalent are needed for this role. 

Jobs that make you a billionaire in 2022 

7. Surgeon and doctors

No doubt, health is a billion-dollar industry. Maybe because it has to do with life– because everyone would stake his last dollar to get a life. 

And surgeons and doctors are part of the health and medical practitioners who render their highly specialized services to save lives. But this knowledge and technical know-how come from years of dedicated learning, researching and practice. 

You’ll agree that becoming a surgeon or medical doctor is no child’s play, though rewarding in the long run. 

So if you want to become one, you must be ready to commit yourself to acquiring a series of educational qualifications and professional certifications and licenses. Who knows, you might be the next heroic Ben Carson, who (with his team) separated the conjoined (Siamese) twins at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center on September 7, 1987.

8. Insurance agent 

As the global economy keeps expanding, the need for insurance keeps rising too. Thus there is a ripe market for insurance agents to make a fortune for themselves and eventually smile with a ten-digit figure in their bank accounts. 

Undoubtedly, many insurance gurus who have turned billionaires started as insurance agents but later scaled up to something BIG. But what do insurance agents do? 

They look for sales opportunities for insurance plans by first identifying potential clients’ insurance needs. Also, they help oversee portfolios of clients who have bought one or two insurance plans or products. 

9. Author 

While many think authors are broke-ass fellows, others believe becoming an author and achieving success as one is a piece of cake. But in reality, it’s a different story. 

Ask JK Rowling, one of the world’s top authors, and she’ll tell you the truth, and how her manuscript of the Harry Potter book got rejected twelve solid times before it got successfully published in 1997. As if she knew it would gain resonance from an entire generation.

You can achieve the same. But you must be ready to put in your best in your craft. Rowling put in her best self and imaginative strength to work even though she never knew that could open the door to wealth and usher her into the league of billionaires. 

10. Engineer

Probably, you come across one engineer a day. While that sounds like trivia, it leaves no doubt that many engineers have made billionaires from their jobs. 

What do engineers do? They analyze and solve mechanical, structural, and systemic problems practically and efficiently by applying principles rooted in science and mathematics.

However, engineering as a field is broad and has different professionals. Examples are petroleum engineers, civil engineers, aerospace engineers, and so on.

Other jobs that can make you a billionaire

11. Chief executive officer (CEO)

CEO is the most-ranked executive in a company, who engages his business acumen and managerial competencies to ensure that a business thrives toward profitability at all times. Because that’s the sole goal of any business.

In other words, a chief executive officer is like the number one man in corporate organizations that work tirelessly to achieve efficiency across the different levels of the organization’s business operations. And he achieves this by formulating sound business strategies consistent with the company’s business objectives, and stimulating subordinates to give their best in realizing these goals. 

It may interest you to know that the estimated average annual salary of a Chief executive officer is $802,870, according to 

12. Actuary

Actuary is a career in banking and finance that adopts and applies statistical analysis, techniques, and mathematical frameworks to evaluate the possibility of occurrences and their financial implications.

So, the job of an actuary is to evaluate complex risks and determine their possible financial consequences. And one sure place you’ll find at least one actuary is insurance companies because of the significance of sterling financial management.


13. Professional entertainer

Professional entertainers are individuals who cushion the effect of stress in people’s lives with artistic knacks. They include singers, actors, TV show hosts or presenters, YouTubers, comedy skit makers, Tiktokers, etc. 

The likes of Akon, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, and many others have created empires for themselves from their activities as professional entertainers.

14. Anesthesiologist 

Anesthesiologist is a skilled medical practitioner committed to assessing and supervising patients’ care before, during, and after surgical procedures. They administer anesthesia and other medications for the safety of patients.

While Anesthesiologists don’t really seem popular to a lot of people, they make an estimated average yearly salary of  $411,400.



Achieving billionaire status is possible. But it is not as easy as ABC. It comes with hard work, patience, growing up, and committing yourself to excellence. There’s nothing like an overnight success. As you have learned, some jobs compensate financially more than others. But that doesn’t mean you jump on every profession because they are immensely lucrative. 

Instead, you choose one that you’re interested in, develop yourself in it, and hone your skills as you keep achieving milestones on your way to achieving billionaire status. 

Meanwhile, what other jobs do you think can make one a billionaire over time? 

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