5 Advantage of positive thinking

5 Advantages of Positive Thinking You Should Know

It’s true positive mindset brings positive things. Growing up, we’ve heard hundreds of times about the advantages of positive thinking. But with the rate of depression and negativity around the globe, you may be tempted to ask: 

How many people have learned the advantages of positive thinking, let alone experiencing them in their lives?

In 2019, a study shows that around 5 percent of adults in the US suffer from depression. And as you know, depression is a prolonged feeling of hopelessness and sadness that gets traced down to being consumed by negativity– a lack of positive thinking.

So, in this article, you’ll learn: 

  • What is Positive thinking? 
  • what are the advantages of positive thinking
  • 5 advantages of positive thinking 
  • what are the benefits of a positive attitude

What is Positive Thinking? 

Positive thinking is essentially hoping for the best and not the worst. It’s a positive perspective you stick to, regardless of what you’re going through or what circumstances are saying. 

It doesn’t matter if you recently lost your job because of an unforeseen circumstance or your money invested in a business that got smoked in the air. So, you may say that positive thinking is deciding to feel good when you should be feeling bad. 

What are the Advantages of Positive Thinking?

Lack of positive thinking can adversely affect an individual’s life, from mental health to physical health. But through positive thinking, your mental pain and distress level can enormously go down. 

That’s because it enhances your general well-being, psychologically and physically. On top of that, it boosts your immunity and, therefore, your resistance to illness.

Brain Tracy wrote a book and titled it in a way that sounds like a quote: “Change your thinking, change your life.” That tells you that as humans, we can change our thinking— and of course, change it from negativity to positivity if we choose to. 

With that said, below is a list of benefits you can get from positive thinking. 

5 Advantages of Positive Thinking You Show Know

  1. Help you manage stress gracefully

Life can be stressful at times. You have high targets to meet at your workplace. Or perhaps, working out your butt to meet deadlines for several projects to raising your kids if you have some at home

Achieving success in all of these can be overwhelming. 

But when you’re positive, you seem to find a stream of energy from inside you that pushes you to take control of everything in your life. As a result, you gain the capacity to effectively manage stress from your interaction with others and your environment. 

2. Improve Physical health and mental health

“Negativity is the enemy of creativity,” says David Lynch, an American filmmaker, painter, visual artist, actor, writer, and philanthropist. While that is true, it can also profoundly affect our mental and physical health. That is because what affects your mind can affect your body physiologically. 

In other words, negativity can give room for mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Conversely, positive thinking helps you lower your risk of getting depressed and associated heart conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, etc.   

3. Increased job performance at the workplace

A depressed fellow will hardly feel alive and may not want to go to work. And when he does, you’ll agree that his work performance will be extremely low. He would become sluggish at work. And people around will observe a snail-paced workflow. 

You see, the reason why having positive thoughts is important for anyone. Because with positive thinking, you have the hope and mental toughness to stand up to any task and challenges that may come your way. 

Not only that. It helps you to see the best out of any situation; instead of looking for opportunities to nag or blame others. Positive thinking can also help you respond to things with the hope and positive attitude of coming out strong. 

Other advantages of positive thinking concerning your work: 

  • Ignite your problem-solving amidst challenges
  • Help you become open and adaptive to change
  • Allow you take charge of your emotions, unlike the consistent mood swing of whiners. 
  • Strengthen your leadership skills and mindset
  • Help you deal with anger creatively 

4. Personal and social life

The Law of attraction says you attract what you think. That’s to say, you become what you think– as a man thinks, so he is! So when the only thought that inundates your mind is positivity, it can impact your personal life and interpersonal relationships

It has a way of positively affecting your self-esteem and how you carry yourself. Deep down, you’ll be grateful, even if you’ve not gotten all you want– or got to where you want to be. 

You’ll agree, when you are happy with (and within) yourself, it influences how you relate with others. Be it with family members, colleagues at work, friends in your neighborhood, or as the case be. 

5. Increased lifespan

Research carried out in mid-2022 showed that as of 2020, Japan and Singapore have the highest life expectancy rate, 85 years and 84 years, respectively, as estimated. Most of these countries with high expectancy were highly industrialized. And African countries, on the other hand, have the lowest life expectancy. 

While those statistics sound accurate, the state of your mental mind can help increase or decrease your lifespan. Because positive thinking amidst unfriendly situations can positively influence your mental and physical health. And since it helps strengthen your immunity to illness, that, in turn, increases your lifespan.

What are the Benefits of a Positive Attitude?

Only positive thinking can produce a positive attitude. That tells you that our thoughts determine our attitudes and behaviors. So, what are the benefits of having a positive attitude? 

Essentially, embracing a positive attitude stimulates your creative thinking and innovative ability. Also, it serves as a foundation for living a happy and grateful life as you continuously prepare yourself for success. 

With that said, a positive attitude boosts your productivity at your workplace and helps you get over things without letting anything bother you.

A Final thought on Advantages of Positive Thinking

How can you enjoy these 5 advantages of positive thinking if you don’t learn how to develop a positive mindset and thinking? 

To enjoy these benefits, first, you must learn to focus on the good things and sides of situations. Let your life be full of gratitude, and eliminate negative self-talk. Also,  kill any toxic influence from negative people or naysayers. 

Start your day with positive energy by practicing meditation. Invest your time and heart in thoughts and people who uplift your spirit.


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