Top 5 Practices for Career Success for Anybody (including YOU)

Have you ever asked yourself what the top 5 practices for career success are?

Now imagine you had all the answers right before you in your face. Do you think you’d be doing the following in a way that gives you satisfaction:

  • Making more money
  • Taking care of your family the way you want
  • Enjoying some quality lifestyle
  • Being an active member of a brilliant team you can envision

(All that feels good, right?)

We’ll get into that in a moment, but let’s get back to the essence of this post. You’ll learn the top 5 practices for career success you wish you had learned before now. 

Like every other person on earth, you’re probably searching for at least 5 things you need to be successful in your career. 

What makes a Career Successful?

For you, you may consider a career that puts food on the table for you and nothing more… successful. But what makes a career successful goes beyond that. In short, it hinges on your expectations of it before and after you choose it as a path you want to tread. 

However, factors like some of the things we earlier outlined come into play; therefore leading to these questions:

  • Is your career leading you to financial stability?
  • Does your career give you room to positively impact a process or the lives of others?
  • Is it fulfilling? 
  • Do you have time to spend with your family?  
  • Does your career lead you to a more positive and glorious future? 
  • (You can add yours… depending you consider highly valuable to you.)

Top 5 Practices for Career Success

Have you asked yourself this question before “What are the tips for career success?” 

If yes, you need to feel excited because you’re about to discover 5 things you need to be successful in your career. 

Here are the top 5 practices for career success you shouldn’t neglect: 

1) Pick a job that you like

Gallup’s worldwide survey found that among one billion full-time workers, just 15% enjoy their jobs, with 85% feeling unhappy. That’s why choosing a career or job you genuinely love is crucial for career success. 

When you pick a job you like, work becomes more enjoyable, and you’re likely to be more motivated. You’ll find it easier to stay committed, set goals, and grow in your chosen field. 

In other words, job satisfaction often leads to better performance and a positive attitude at work. In turn, that creates a pathway to long-term success in your career.

2) Decide on goals for yourself

According to Reliable Plant, 80% of people skip making goals, leaving only 20% who care about setting and achieving them. However, if you want to achieve career success, then setting personal goals is a key practice you must imbibe. 

When you set goals for yourself, you create a roadmap for your professional journey. And clear objectives provide direction and help you stay focused and motivated. Goals are like milestones that allow you to mark your progress and guide your decisions. 

So whether you’re seeking skill development, promotions, or new opportunities, having defined goals is crucial. It empowers you. Beyond that, they shape your career path and enhance your sense of purpose and achievement.

top practices for career success

3) Keep learning all the time

Continuous learning is pivotal for career success. In a survey by Udemy, 80% of people agreed that learning new skills would make them more engaged. Of course, when you keep a mindset of constant learning, you stay adaptable in a rapidly evolving work environment. 

Acquiring new skills and knowledge not only enhances your expertise. It also opens doors to diverse opportunities. So, adopting a lifelong learning approach demonstrates your commitment to growth. And often, as a practice for career success, it makes you an asset to any team or industry. 

Oh yes! This practice ensures that you stay relevant, innovative, and well-prepared to navigate the challenges and advancements within your chosen field. And often, that leads to long-term professional success.

4) Learn to lead yourself

Mastering self-leadership is a vital practice for career success. Sadly, not many people know how to lead themselves. As John C. Maxwell nicely put it in one of his podcasts:

“Leading you is not a challenge; leading me is a challenge. When I lead you, I can tell you what to do and I can go home. But when I lead me, I’ve got to do. It’s easier to tell you want to do than do it myself.”

What are the best practices for career success?

Thus, learning to lead yourself involves taking initiative, setting priorities, and managing your time effectively. It helps you cultivate a sense of responsibility, resilience, and self-motivation. And all these are crucial traits in any professional setting. 

When you can guide your actions and decisions independently, you become a reliable and confident contributor to your team. This practice boosts your personal development and positions you as a proactive and dependable leader. 

Consequently, that lays a strong foundation for a successful career journey.

5) Take responsibility for everything you do

Not many young professionals think of this as an effective practice for career success. But it is. Assuming responsibility for your actions is a cornerstone for career success. 

When you take ownership of everything you do, you demonstrate accountability and integrity. And more often than not, this practice fosters trust among colleagues and superiors, while you showcase your commitment to excellence. 

Hence, accepting responsibility for your successes and challenges gives room for continuous learning and improvement. Making this practice your guideline for career success helps you:  

  • Establishes you as a reliable team member, 
  • Cultivate the essential qualities you need to achieve professional growth 
  • Earning you respect in your workplace, 
  • And more essentially, contribute significantly to a successful and fulfilling career.

BONUS POINTS: 5 Practices for Career Success in the Workplace

1) Be Human

As a career person, you need to realize that before you became a career person you were first a human. That’s why being human is a key practice you need for career success. 

Being human emphasizes empathy, effective communication, and fostering positive relationships. You need to treat colleagues with kindness, understanding, and respect.  

By doing that, you can make a place where everyone works together and helps each other grow. It helps you get better at your job and become a better person in your personal life too.

2) Keep a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is vital for your career success. Your ability to maintain optimism and resilience in the face of challenges enhances your productivity. 

Not only that. Positivity in the workplace promotes teamwork amongst team members and attracts opportunities for everyone. 

You see, a positive mindset can make a significant impact on career growth and overall job satisfaction.

3) Go the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile isn’t one of the fun things to do. But it’s a key practice for career success. Proactively taking on additional responsibilities, exceeding expectations, and demonstrating dedication not only showcases your commitment but also sets you apart. 

Going above and beyond contributes to your professional growth and recognition. It opens doors to new opportunities in the workplace.

4) Be an effective time manager

One of the essential things you need to pay attention to for career success is time. You need to be an effective time manager. Learning to prioritize tasks, setting realistic deadlines, and avoiding procrastination allow you to enhance your productivity. 

Being good at managing your time shows that you’re reliable and can do great work. It helps your career, lowers stress, and makes people think highly of you at work.

5) Seek Out and Learn From Feedback

Getting and learning from feedback is essential for doing well in your career. Ask for advice from your coworkers and bosses to always get better. 

When you listen to advice that helps you, it tells everyone you want to improve, be excellent at your job, and grow. This is a good thing for moving up in your job and being successful in the long run.

FAQ on Career Sucess

How will you succeed in your chosen career?

Succeeding in your career can be less overwhelming if you have to be ready to put in the work and do your best. It often starts with you being intentional about your progress in whatever career you’ve chosen. 

What are the top 5 things you believe will help you succeed in your future career path?

The 5 things you need to be successful in your current and future career include getting good at goal setting, managing time, interpersonal relationships, learning, and working with feedback.

Final thought

You can be successful in your career by using the 5 tips in this article. It’s important to apply them, not just read about them. You’ve got to practice what you learn for it to make a real difference in your career.

Ready to start doing?




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