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Content Writing CV? Made Easy! Learn the How-to and Formatting Tips

Need an incredibly persuasive content writing curriculum (CV)? Indeed, the burden, stress, and time of writing an effective resume can be overwhelming. But when done well, it increases your chances of landing your content writing dream job.

Without mincing words, it’s even harder when you don’t know what your employer is looking for in your CV. As a result, the back and forth can tear you apart if you’re not clear about what you’re doing. Or you when you’re drafting a curriculum vitae for a content writing job for the first time.

In this article, you’ll learn what content writing is and how to create a stunning ‘content writing’ CV for yourself. As well as the frequently asked questions freshers in the world of content writing ask. Particularly when drafting a CV for their first content writing job.


What is content writing?

Content Writing is the art or business of creating copies for the web to promote or announce a thing, product, service, or brand. It often involves the entire process of planning what to write, editing and formatting what you’ve written in the best suitable way. That will be appealing and engaging to your reading audience.

Therefore, content writing may include writing articles and blog posts, creating posts for social media, or scripts for podcasts and videos. In other words, content writing goes beyond article and blog post writing. Other written content formats include:

  • “About Us” page
  • Email newsletters
  • Landing pages
  • Keynote speeches
  • Product description for e-commerce stores
  • Podcast titles
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Web page copy
  • White papers
  • Amongst a host of others.


Skills to include when drafting a content writing CV

  • SEO Research
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Email Marketing
  • Time Management
  • Research
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Basic digital and social media skills
  • Communication skills
  • Research and Fact-checking
  • Ability to meet deadlines


Jobs that Require a Content Writing CV

1.   Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest businesses you can start. Yet many businesses place job advertisements for content writers who would help them create engaging blog posts for their website. While some established bloggers outsource these tasks to freelance writers.

Thus, if you’re applying for a writing job that involves blogging, you’d have to create an impressive resume. Because you want to sell your skills and experience in content writing to your potential employer.

2.   Social media content officer

No doubt, social media is a tool for businesses around the globe to build a solid online presence– and, of course, to help achieve their business goals. And usually, one sure they engage with their audiences on these social media is through fascinating written content.

In other words, if you’re writing a job application letter for a post of social media officer in a firm, drafting a content writing CV is something you should do alongside. I mean, your employer wants you to be able to apply your creativity in writing social media posts that will keep their engagement level high. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or as the case may be.

3.   Copywriting

Copywriting is content writing. Though unlike other forms of content writing, it is technical. It involves you selling something via written content.

Some copywriting content includes sales copy, ad copy, email letters, case studies, etc.

In other words, not all content writers are copywriters. But all copywriters are content writers. And since not every business can sell or achieve conversions through persuasive writings that sell and promote their brands, they need competent copywriters.

Therefore, as someone who wants to land a copywriting job you saw on LinkedIn or recruiting platforms, you’ll need an effective content writing CV… To process your job application.

4.   SEO writing

To start with, SEO is the acronym for Search engine optimization. While that may not sound new, it’s a source of worry for many business entities.

Of course, every business would want to rank on search engines each time prospective internet users search for terms relating to what they sell or offer. The main reason is that SEO writing is highly essential.

SEO writing can be somewhat overwhelming. But it involves keyword researching and creating relevant and top-notch content that can rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. Thus, SEO writing is a content writing job.


How to create a stunning Content Writing CV for your dream job

Before you start writing your application for a content writing job, you must carry out your research. Very well. First, you want to know the job description, followed by the job requirements.

Yes, knowing what your prospective employers are looking for will not only help you write a fascinating job application letter. It will enable you to draft a CV that best suits the job—thus, giving you an edge over other applicants who use a one-size-fits-all resume each time they submit job applications.

After giving careful thought to what’s said above, the following are things you should know to help you plan well before using your pen or the keypads of your laptop:

1. Set the ball rolling with a simple header

A header is the start of every curriculum vitae, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just keep it simple.

The header of your ‘content writing’ CV primarily contains basic personal information about you, such as your full name, residential address, and contact information like your email address, telephone number, and perhaps, a link to your LinkedIn profile. That’s if necessary.

2. Summary

This section emphasizes your career objective. That is what you intend to achieve through the position you’re applying for.

3. Work History/Experience

Having the experience for a content writing job is not enough. You sure want to sell your experience to your hiring manager or employer. So that they can see how valuable you can be to them when you harness the practical experience you’ve garnered.

Thus, every content writing CV must include your work history and how relevant they are to what the job demands—as stated in the job roles and requirements.

4. Education

Here, you should include your educational qualifications. Your most recent qualifications should appear at the top, followed by others—the previous ones.

5. State relevant skills to the job role

Given your experience in your resume for the post of a content writer, the next important thing to do is to include relevant skills that match up with the job role.

Below are some of the skills you must include in a content writing CV:

  • Ability to do keyword research
  • Excellent writing skills (and knowledge of best SEO practices)
  • Computer competencies
  • Attention to detail skill
  • Networking and interpersonal skills,
  • SEO and digital skills
  • Social listening skills for Content idea generation:

That’s the ability to listen and grasp what your target audience is saying about your product or service. Especially in the various communities or groups, you can find them.

6. Key achievement

You can also include the key achievement section when writing a content writing CV. But it must be something much related to the job role.

For example, if you’re applying for the post of a copywriter in a branding and advertising agency, you can include links to the names of brands you’ve worked for and the links through which they can find the work you’re claiming to have written.

7. Other sections of a content writing CV

These include other parts of your CV, such as certifications, hobbies, Language proficiencies, and other pieces of information that raise your chance of getting the job. That’s what you want, right?


Content Writing CV: Formatting Tips Writing a professional-looking Resume

Imagine you got served a meal that is not looking neat and enticing. What would you think would happen to your appetite?

There’s an 85% chance that you’ll end up pushing the food away and then look for a better alternative. Well, that’s the same for hiring managers.

They want to grab curriculum vitae that look great, easy to read and understand– and have what they’re looking for.

In simple terms, hiring managers don’t have the luxury of time. To browse through thousands of job applicants’ CVs with pain, looking for the “good” in a resume that has failed the “first impression” test. As per the structuring and formatting of the CV.

On this ground, below are some helpful tips you can apply in formatting content and writing a CV:

1.   Don’t get too fancy with your fonts.

Be simple. Remember, you’re not trying to sell your designing skills or knowledge of aesthetics on paper. Thus, you can make do with traditional fonts that convey professionalism. Examples include Time Romans, Arial, Calibri, and Verdana, Georgia.

2.   Adopt a good margin

When formatting your content writing CV, choosing and setting your margin may not be easy. Because there seem to be many suggestions out there.

The truth is that you sure want your CV to come out looking professional and not with an unbalanced layout. Based on that, you should maintain a 1-inch margin on all sides.

3.   Maintain a fine line spacing

Some people use double or multiple spacing in creating their curriculum vitae. While that may be okay to them, you should stick with a line spacing within 1 to 1.15.

4.   Use a perfect chronological presentation of the information

No doubt, your experiences and qualifications (both educational and professional) are sections of your curriculum you want your employer to notice and get the best grasp of. And a sure way to achieve that is to arrange them based on how recent (and relevant) they are.


Sample (and format) of a Content Writing CV

See the sample of a curriculum vitae drafted below. However, note that the information in the CV got adopted for explanation purposes. They do not reflect the facts and data of a physical person.


The Header

Davidson Keller

Content Writer

Date of birth: June 12, 1993.

Marital status: Married

+44 819849463


Have 3year+ hands-on experience as a content writer in the tech industry. Increased the traffic to the company website by 10000 new users. Ready and willing to develop original and relevant content for Tech-ic to achieve an increased conversation rate.


Chief Content writer

Techy Chambers,

May 2019–present

  • Acquired at least 3500 monthly subscribers on the company email list, through a solid content strategy for the website blog.
  • Get engaging, relevant, and informational techy content published in field education, health, cryptocurrency, and business. Even as customer satisfaction 5-star rating improved to 90%.
  • Stimulate a 10-man writing team to keep to deadlines, and ensure their works look nice and SEO optimized by editing and proofreading them.

Key achievement:

Wrote and published a resource material “Bail Out: Tech the future of Millions from the unknown apocalypse,” bringing over 1000 monthly users to the company website.

Junior Content Writer

Jambolin Tech

March 2017–April 2018

  • Performed keyword research with some of the best tools before writing content.
  • Publish blog 5-10 blog tech articles per week, with 87% ranking on the first page of Google search engine.
  • Achieved 20% improvement in the generation of organic traffic by observing best SEO practices.

Key achievement:

  • Attained improved user engagement by 25% on Facebook through an effective sponsored ad.


  • BA in English and Mass Communication, University of Cambridge, England. 2014–2017
  • Degree class: Second class Upper


  • Creative Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Excellent Communication
  • Researching
  • Practical usage of SEO tools like Ahref amongst others


  • Google Fundamental in Digital Marketing
  • ClickMinded SEO Training


  • Reading and learning about new things in the technology space.
  • Meditating


  • English—Fluent
  • French— Intermediate


FAQ on Content Writing CV


1.   Is a content writing CV different from a content writing resume?

CV is a document that shows a complete educational credential of a person applying for grants, fellowship, postdoctoral, and related positions.

While on the other hand, a Resume is a summarized document that gives detailed yet concise information about your skills and qualifications. As a rule of thumb, its length is between 1-2pages.

In any case, differentiating a CV from a resume can be somewhat daunting. Because many European countries use CVs to describe all job application documents. In short, countries like Canada and the United States often use both interchangeably, just as this post has done.

2.   Who’s a content writer?

For simplicity, a content writer is a professional who’s into the business of content writing. He comes up with ideas about various pieces of writing for a brand, product, or service, or as the case may be.

3.   Is the phrase “content writing CV” right grammatically?

While it may sound awkward when reading it out, it is right.

“Content writing” on its own is a noun while using it before CV as used within this article, it functions as an adjective. That’s it qualifies that word CV— telling you the kind of CV. Thus, a ‘content writing’ CV is any resume written for a content writing job or position.

4. As one applying for a content writing job, do you need basic skills and knowledge of SEO?

The answer is yes. Remember, as a content writer, you’re writing for the web, including content formats like blog posts, YouTube video descriptions, etc.


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