Discover How to Become a Digital Nomad in Nigeria

How to Become a Digital Nomad in Nigeria (3 Easy Steps)

Are you tired of the regular 9-to-5 job? Do you dream of working remotely and discovering new things? 

If you answered YES to both questions, this blog post will teach you how to become a digital nomad in Nigeria and discover endless possibilities.

The 2021 World Bank report says that over 50% of Nigeria’s 200 million people can’t use digital skills. Although the number is alarming, the digital nomad lifestyle continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

So becoming a digital nomad offers you the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever you want. Guess what? 

Nigeria is an awesome country for digital nomads! It’s got a lively culture, a booming tech industry, and affordable living costs. 

But before we get into how you can become a digital nomad in Nigeria, you should grasp who a digital nomad is. 

Who is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who enjoys a special lifestyle where work and travel blend together smoothly.  He works remotely from anywhere in the world with freedom, using technology to stay connected. 

Sounds like what you want yourself? Read on.

Digital nomads are people who want to be flexible, have fun, and grow personally in their work. In Nigeria, digital nomads can enjoy a vibrant culture and discover stunning landscapes around them.

Imagine working on your laptop in a cozy café in Lagos or collaborating on the beach in Calabar. 

Despite the economic challenges, Nigeria offers a vibrant environment for digital nomads to thrive and find work-life balance. 

Becoming a digital nomad is essential if you value work-life balance and want to live fully. But again, that’s only a fraction of the advantages you enjoy from being a digital nomad. 

Now you might be wondering, can a Nigerian who travels and works online be a digital nomad? 

Of course, you can call a Nigerian who travels within Nigeria while working online a digital nomad. The term “digital nomad” refers to people who use technology to work remotely while frequently changing where they are.

Benefits of Being a Digital nomad 

Why become a digital nomad?” you may ask. Well, being a digital nomad offers freedom, flexibility, new experiences, and a chance to explore the world. 

So, let’s see if being a digital nomad is worth it by looking at the following benefits it offers:

1. Flexibility and freedom 

One of the key benefits of being a digital nomad is flexibility and freedom. You have the power to choose when and where you work. For instance, you could be writing a blog post from a beachside resort in Lagos one day and attending a networking event in Abuja the next.

2. Ability to work from anywhere

Also, being a digital nomad allows you to work from anywhere, giving you ultimate location independence. This point is so related to the first point of flexibility and freedom. 

Imagine sitting in a peaceful coffee shop in Calabar, replying to emails and working on projects. Or picture yourself exploring the incredible wildlife at Yankari National Park while staying connected and collaborating. 

3. Opportunities for personal growth and cultural experiences

Last but not least. As a digital nomad, there is an ample opportunity for personal growth as you experience different cultures. As a result, you can dive into Nigeria’s traditions, try delicious local food, and experience diverse communities. 

For example, you can learn traditional dances in Osun or join festivals in Owerri for endless adventures!

Choosing Nigeria as a Digital Nomad Destination

Did you know that many foreigners are digital nomads in Nigeria? While that’s true, the fact remains that before choosing Nigeria as a digital nomad destination, you should consider several factors. 

Here are some factors:

1. Affordable Cost of living

The inflation rate in Nigeria indeed continues to be on the rise. However, Nigeria offers a cheaper way of life than many other countries, allowinig digital nomads to save more money.

2. Vibrant cultural experiences

Another factor to consider is the country’s cultural orientation. Of course, with its diverse ethnic groups, Nigeria offers rich cultural experiences. So there are so many fun adventures waiting for you! You can enjoy festivals like the Calabar Carnival and visit historical sites like Olumo Rock in Abeokuta. 

3. English-speaking environment

Another thing to take into consideration is the language. Of course, you don’t want to live in a place where you barely can communicate with anyone. 

Fortunately, in Nigeria, English is the official language people speak in virtually all the states. So that makes communication easier for digital nomads.

For example, as a digital nomad from another country or state, you can rent a cozy apartment in Lagos for much less than in other big cities. While you can communicate in English, you can learn Yoruba culture by trying traditional dances. Or you can have fun at the exciting nightlife on Victoria Island.

Challenges of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

1. Maintaining work-life balance

While being a digital nomad offers you the privilege of experiencing a positive work-life balance, doing that in real-life can be a challenge. 

Sometimes, digital nomads work too much or too little because there are no fixed office hours like in traditional jobs. 

For instance, it can be a challenge to relax while exploring the busy streets of Lagos or managing time zones with clients globally.

2. Finding reliable internet access 

As a digital nomad, it can be tough to find reliable internet access. Sometimes, Wi-Fi is slow or unreliable, making work harder. For example, you might have trouble joining video calls in remote areas or struggle to upload files in cafes with bad internet.

3. Managing finances and taxes

Another challenge you’ll most likely face as a digital nomad is managing your money and taxes. Of course, doing that can be tricky. Yet, you’ll need to track your income, expenses, and taxes in many countries. 

For example, a digital nomad from the UK may find it challenging to navigate Nigerian tax rules alongside their home country’s tax laws.

Assessing Your Skills and Career Options 

Some people believe that digital nomads have endless money and don’t need to work for long periods. But that’s usually not true. Aspiring digital nomads should assess their skills and consider career options that suit them best.

Fortunately, you can do that in the 3 steps below: 

#1. Identifying digital skills in demand

Of course, you should start the whole process by identifying digital skills that are in high demand. If you concentrate on a few skills, you can become good at them and earn money while traveling to different cities or states you like. 

But to do that effectively to determine valuable skills you can opt for, you need to research industries and job markets. 

In Nigeria’s expanding tech and creative fields, skills like web development, digital marketing, and graphic design are in high demand. Remember, the bottom line is to tailor your skill set to meet the market’s needs for greater career prospects.

2. Evaluating remote job opportunities 

As you assess your skills and career options, it’s crucial for you also evaluate remote job opportunities. You can look for positions that allow you to work from anywhere. Examples of these job roles you can explore in Nigeria include digital marketing, virtual assistance, or online tutoring. 

In other words, to find suitable remote work opportunities, you need to assess the job requirements and match them with your skills.

3. Freelancing and entrepreneurship options

Also, think about freelancing and starting your own business as good choices for your skills and career. For instance, you could write articles for others or create an online store to sell Nigerian crafts..

That said, here are some options to explore:

  • Freelancing in fields like writing, graphic design, or programming. However, note there’s more to this list. 
  • Starting an online business, such as e-commerce, consulting services, or an affiliate business
  • Creating and selling digital products, like e-books or online courses.

Exploring digital nomad-friendly cities in Nigeria 

  1. Lagos

Many believe Lagos is an ideal digital nomad destination, even though it’s Nigeria’s economic and technological hub. It offers a bustling metropolis with a thriving business environment and many opportunities. 

Let’s look at the Yaba district in Lagos, also known as “Yabacon Valley,” where many tech startups and innovation centers are located. Digital nomads can dive into the lively energy of the city, meet similar professionals, and explore coworking spaces and networking events.

  1. Abuja

Abuja is known as Nigeria’s administrative capital. Yet it’s an emerging digital nomad destination with a growing tech scene. 

Without a doubt, the city has government offices, big companies from around the world, and new tech businesses.

For example, the Abuja Technology Village is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

No doubt about it, Nigeria has a mix of government offices, big companies, and tech startups to offer. As a digital nomad in Nigeria, you can explore cultural places in Abuja, like the Nigerian National Mosque and Aso Rock. You can also see the country’s tech industry growing.

  1. Calabar

Calabar is a peaceful and artsy place in Nigeria, perfect for digital nomads. It has a calm vibe and a cool art scene. Undoubtedly, the famous Calabar Carnival shows off colorful costumes and culture. 

Of course, Nomads can get inspired, meet local artists, and work in peaceful spots. In other words, you can explore the Slave Museum or chill at Tinapa Lakeside Resort, enjoying a slower pace of life.

Practical Tips for Becoming a Digital Nomad in Nigeria 

1. Building a portable career or business 

Developing skills in high demand is essential if you want to become a digital nomad in Nigeria. As said already, examples of these skills are web design, digital marketing, copywriting, etc. 

You can use platforms like websites or LinkedIn to build an online presence for your career or business. For instance, offering freelance graphic design services to clients worldwide.

2. Planning for the transition 

When becoming a digital nomad in Nigeria, you must plan your transition wisely. First, you want to save money and create a budget to cover expenses during the initial phase. Also, you want to organize accommodation, such as booking short-term rentals or co-living spaces. 

Beyond all that, you should arrange transportation, like researching local transportation options or renting a car. A typical example is saving up for three months of living expenses and booking an Airbnb in Lagos for the first month.

3. Navigating the local environment 

To thrive as a digital nomad in Nigeria, navigate the local environment effectively. You need to understand Nigerian (or the state) culture and etiquette to build positive relationships. Also, it’s vital to network and connect with the local community through events or online groups. A practical example is attending a business networking meetup in Abuja or joining a cultural exchange program in Calabar.

Overcoming Challenges and Ensuring Success in Your Quest to Becoming a Digital Nomad in Nigeria

1. Maintaining work-life balance

Truly, it’s important to balance work and play to be a successful digital nomad in Nigeria. To do that, you can create a daily schedule that separates work and free time. 

Don’t forget to set limits and stay disciplined to avoid working too much. For instance, you can work a few hours in the morning and enjoy Lagos’ tourist attractions in the evening or have fun at the beach.

2. Finding reliable internet access 

Of course, having a dependable internet connection is super critical for digital nomad success. That’s why you should look for reliable Wi-Fi in coworking spaces and cafes. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to have backup options like using mobile data or carrying a pocket-sized Wi-Fi device. For example, you might work from a reliable co-working space in Abuja or have a backup internet connection with a portable router.

3. Managing finances and taxes 

As said earlier, taking care of your finances and taxes can be taxing, yet it’s crucial for digital nomad success. But, to do so, you may have to talk to a tax expert to understand your tax responsibilities and follow the rules. 

Also, you can use cool apps and trackers to manage your money. They include budgeting apps and income or expense trackers. 

Embracing the Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Nigeria 

No doubt, being a digital nomad in Nigeria brings an exciting lifestyle and experience! You’ll work remotely and explore diverse cultures, landscapes, and amazing opportunities. But embracing the digital nomad lifestyle in Nigeria, you need to follow these three steps: 

1. Embracing cultural experiences and local travel 

As a digital nomad in Nigeria, engage yourself in cultural experiences and local travel. That way, you participate in traditional festivals, try local cuisines, and explore historical sites. For instance, you can attend the Osun-Osogbo Festival or explore the ancient city of Benin to discover its rich heritage.

2. Balancing work and leisure activities 

For many digital nomads in Nigeria, balancing work and fun can be challenging, but the solution lies within. You can take breaks to explore tourist attractions, relax at beaches, or indulge in local cuisine. For example, you can work in the morning and spend the afternoon visiting Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos.

3. Sharing experiences and insights with the digital nomad community

As a digital nomad in Nigeria, you can join the global nomad community, sharing experiences and insights. In other words, you can connect online, attend meetups, and engage in workshops or Facebook groups to share tips and stories. 

For instance, you can share tips and stories in a digital nomad Facebook group or host a workshop on remote work in Lagos.


It’s exciting and fulfilling to become a digital nomad in Nigeria. No doubt, we’ve learned vital steps to help you become one. You can think about a job you can do anywhere and ready for changes. It’s also important to be open to challenges and new opportunities.

That said, remember that Nigeria has great potential for remote work. You should explore this opportunity for freedom and make the most of being a digital nomad in Nigeria. 


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