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12 Easy Jobs for Teachers outside Education You Should know


What are the jobs for teachers outside education? The question of concern for many contemplating how to get out of teaching. 

As a trained educator, I don’t need anyone to tell me that working as a teacher in a school is no easy job. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of non-teaching jobs for teachers. 

Read carefully.


Jobs for teachers outside education

1. Front Desk Officer/ Administrative assistant

Aside from the security staff, this is the officer you meet at the entrance of an organization’s building. And he/she’s taxed with the duty of answering and making calls on behalf of a company. A Front Desk Officer attends to their guests coupled with the execution of other administrative tasks.

Thus, you can say a front desk officer is one of the education jobs not in the classroom, whose job description isn’t that different from administrative assistant. In fact, in some organizations, they’re called receptionists, depending on the type of company and technology they use. 

2. Business Development Strategist

Business development strategist is one of the jobs available in schools for anyone thinking of how to get out of teaching. What does a business development strategist do in (and for) a school? You’d ask. 

Okay, then. A business development strategist helps identify the business goals of a school he works for, develop a plan and marketing strategy and see they get executed through appropriate media. 

Some schools may caption the job description under the role of a corporate affairs manager.

3, Human Resources Manager

The importance of the human resources department in any corporate organization cannot be overemphasized, including in the educational sector. Especially in big schools.

That’s because, in a school system, a human resource specialist carries out duties related to hiring teachers and other non-teaching staff. 

In other words, the HR in the school system takes care of the recruitment processes of staff, including auxiliary personnel and support staff. By conducting efficient interviews of job applicants and placing workers appropriately to actualize the school’s overall goal.


Jobs in education field besides teaching

4. School Bursar

Like any other organization, the school needs financial records to keep track of its income and expenditures. And that is what a school Bursar does— that many see him/her as the accountant of a school.

So school bursar is one of the jobs for teachers outside the classroom. Simply put, a bursar in school functions more or less like an accountant as he keeps a record of accounts payable and receivables.

And that he tries to achieve by doing a cost-benefit analysis to maintain favorable budgeting for a school (and concerning employment, too).

5. School-based Counselor

Being a school counselor is one of the other jobs in the education field besides teaching.

School-based counselor is the expert in a school who helps students establish mental and emotional stability by assisting them address mental and psychological issues. These issues include low self-esteem, depression, mental illnesses, and physical disabilities. 

Also, as a school-based Counselor, you give vocational guidance to students in the school you work for, even as you assist them in getting along in their school work and relationships with others. Part of whom includes family members and peers. 

6. School facility manager

Many ask what jobs a teacher can do besides teaching in the classroom. Interestingly, being a school facility manager is one of them. 

A school facility manager is a staff in a school that helps oversee the infrastructures in a school and ensure that they are in good condition. The goal of the job description of a school facility manager is to make the work environment conducive while meeting the needs of the organization and the employees.

In other words, a school facility manager supervises and mediates between roles that take care of cleaning the school, parking lot, grounds, security, and other physical facilities such as the school building.  

He ensures other amenities like water, electricity, generator(s), amongst others, are taken care of. 


Jobs for teachers outside of the classroom

7. Lab Assistant

A lab Assistant is a professional that helps a lab manager or instructor prepare a school or college laboratory for usage in advance. And in setting up the laboratory before the lesson, a Lab assistant cleans up equipment in the lab and makes sure chemical solutions are ready. 

Also, he helps answer fundamental questions of students during a lab experiment. With that said, the scope of the job role of a lab assistant may depend on the instructions of the lab manager or instructor. Which may include thumbing through the procedure for an experiment to be successful in a laboratory.

Some schools may have different laboratories dedicated to various subjects. In such a case, a laboratory assistant who majored in botany or microbiology will work well when hired to work in a biology lab than in a chemistry lab. 

And to add, there’s an online lab safety training program that lab assistants must complete before starting to work in laboratories.

8. Family support worker

Becoming a family support worker is one of the good jobs for teachers leaving the profession of teaching in the classroom.

A family support worker works independently or through a body or agency to help assess a family’s unique needs and then see how to resolve them. Without allowing these identified challenges to affect how they’re socially adapted.

While the scope of the job description of a family support worker is broad, if found in a school system, he/she helps learners (with the collective effort of others) to live a functional life in and out of school. That way, the unique challenges of these students threatening their learning in school, linked to their families, are tackled meticulously.  

9. Examination invigilators 

Examination invigilators are professionals when it comes to educational assessment. They invigilate school and public examinations to ensure that the true essence of their conduct gets achieved. 

Thus, becoming an examination invigilator (aka exam officer) is one of the alternative jobs for teachers. 

Essentially, an exam officer ensures that necessary materials for the proper conduct of an examination session are in place and then carefully distributed to the exam candidates. 

But beyond this, he strives to kill every distraction to the goal of the exam. And he does that by investigating any suspicious actions from test-takers. And if need be, he sanctions exam candidates who engage in examination malpractices within the confine of exam rules and regulations.


Good jobs for teachers leaving the profession

10. School Nurse

Most schools recognize that only a healthy individual will learn well in school. And that’s why they hire school nurses. 

No wonder becoming a school nurse is one of the jobs for teachers outside of education– off the classroom– especially for those with a background in nursing.

A school nurse provides health services in educational institutions, especially those disturbed by health challenges. Whether physical or mental. 

In other words, the goal and responsibility of a school nurse is to ensure that everyone (both teacher and students) has access to physical and mental health services when the need arises. 

11. Student Welfare Officer 

The job description of a school welfare officer is somewhat related to that of a family support worker. But he identifies students at risk and helps tackle things that can hinder the effective learning of these students while providing a support system for them.

Primarily, as a Student Welfare Officer (SWO), you’d need to collaborate with the families of students and other enthusiastic stakeholders in the community you work to ensure that these learners live functional lives above the challenges inherent in their families.

12. Procurement Manager

A procurement manager is an officer saddled with the responsibility of acquiring goods and services on behalf of his organization. 

Education is a big business. And for management to achieve success, relevant resources must never be out of stock in the school. And that’s why some schools have procurement officers. 

Thus, people who’re trying to land themselves education jobs, not in the classroom, may consider working as a procurement manager in a school. Big ones. 

A final thought on jobs for teachers outside education

Changing jobs might not be difficult for many. But if you’re an educationist who wants to quit teaching in the classroom, you must be sure that’s what you truly want.

There are good jobs in the education sector for teachers who want to change their careers for one reason or another. And that’s the crux of this article. 

However, you must not forget that every job (whether in education or not) has unique requirements. Also, you want to be sure that you’re leaving your job for a good reason and not a bad reason. 


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