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6 Benefits of digital marketing for businesses|


Do you think every business (just like yours) should have an online presence? More than ever, the benefits of digital marketing for businesses are becoming more real and observable.

Thus, compared to more than three decades, businesses now have options to explore in online marketing. Especially when it comes to promoting their brand, products, or services online.


Online marketing strategies for small business

To grow your business with digital marketing requires some strategies. Which is what you’ll learn in this section. And they include:

1. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the digital marketing strategies for a small business, which involves paying its way to rank for specific keywords, especially those that revolve around its business. 

But beyond the bidding score, when you’re trying to run a search engine marketing campaign the relevance of the content is crucial to put into consideration. 

For example, say you deal in ladies’ footwear. You can decide to run an SEM to rank a page of your website for the keyword: best footwear for ladies. That’s making your post appear at the top of search results (as a sponsored post) whenever the search query “best footwear for ladies” is typed on the search bar of Google. 

2. Social media marketing

Five out of every six people in a household use the internet. And of course, active on more than one social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TipTok, among others. 

With that, you can say it is disadvantageous for a business not to have accounts on these platforms. That would mean leaving money on the table because most of their customers hang out on these different social media platforms.

That said, a business should first identify the ones with a large chunk of their customers and reach out and engage with them with relevant and engaging content.

3. Email marketing 

The email lists of most businesses account for a percent of their sales. That’s why maximizing the benefit of well-planned email marketing, even through their newsletters, updates, and other promotional messaging.

Why choose digital marketing?

While many don’t know much about digital marketing, it’s a big business in its way. But what does it involve? You’ll ask. 

Digital marketing is all forms of marketing done online or electronically, either with your smartphone or computer. To reach a large audience that is well targeted. 

In other words, you can grow your business with digital marketing, even after you’ve committed some efforts in the direction of traditional marketing.

(By traditional marketing, we’re referring to all other marketing not implemented online. They include marketing and advertising through prints, radios, and television.)

But beyond being a type of marketing, digital marketing is a career path many decide to walk through. Some didn’t choose it as a field of study in college or university. However, in their career journey, they become interested in the business of digital marketing. 

So they decided to opt for courses that equip them with the competency to create and implement different online marketing strategies.

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Importance of online marketing to businesses

The importance of online marketing to companies or any other corporate body cannot get overemphasized. It helps a business organization create brand awareness among its customers. To establish and maintain a solid customer base while their turnovers keep rising continually. 

That’s the sole goal in the minds of business owners, especially when marketing online.

But beyond that, marketing offers other advantages. So benefits to society from effective marketing include:

Inform and educate existing and potential customers to get products that meet that need. And then better their lives.

Drive the economy. How? you’d ask. Now and then, new companies spring up, leading to more competition for existing ones. And as competition increases, customers get exposed to many options.

But for companies to survive this competition, they keep looking for innovative ways to earn themselves a competitive advantage selling whatever products they’re offering. And could result in more jobs for people, more revenue for the economy (as taxation), etc. 


Why digital marketing is important for small business?

A business owner who’s yet to leverage the goldmine available in the online space would ask:

Why is digital marketing so important? 

 Below are some of the benefits of digital marketing for businesses:

1. Establish and sustain customer loyalty 

Digital marketing helps you to communicate your brand to your audience. You can achieve that through blogs on your business websites. 

Also, videos are another means to establish rapport with your customers while you keep giving them value. With this, your business positions itself as an authority before your audience.

2. Remove limit in terms of reachability 

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing (also known as online marketing) grants businesses access to a larger audience. That’s because, through the internet, the world has become a global village. 

That explains why when you swipe through your Facebook News feed on your mobile device, you can see sponsored adverts for businesses overseas. 

In other words, you can reach thousands of people who need your products via online marketing. Even though they don’t live near you, that is the locality of your business.

3. Engage their clients throughout their customer journey

The concept of customer journey may sound new to a lot of people. But digital experts appreciate the need why a business should provide customers a better experience in their journey (interactions) with your brand.

And that starts from the point of finding your business online, making inquiries, and eventually making a purchase. And essentially, a returned purchase—leads to higher conversion rates and profits.

Interestingly, this is one of the benefits of digital marketing for businesses. Because whether or not a customer will purchase your product depends on how you map that journey beforehand before they come across your brand. 

4. Better optimization and conversion rates

The advent of digital marketing has given room for other beautiful technologies. Some of them help businesses track the outcome of their online marketing campaign. 

For example, a tool like Google Analytics provides you with vast data that can help you optimize your content. As a result, leading to higher conversion rates. 

Other information includes demographic data of your targeted audience and other data that provide your direction on how to execute a successful digital marketing campaign.

5. Target the right audience

Through digital marketing, small and big businesses can target a predetermined audience. So as a business owner, depending on your business goal, you can decide to target potential customers near you. 

You can do that by setting up a campaign on google ad planner. 

6. Provide you with cost-effective solutions

Digital marketing provides businesses with cost-effective solutions compared to traditional marketing. Advertising on radio, print (magazine or dailies), or TV is not only expensive. But don’t allow tracking of the outcome of the marketing campaign.


In this digital age, a business cannot afford not to be digital. Not even if it’s an easy business to start. Because establishing and maintaining online visibility on different social media platforms apart from search engine marketing is very important.

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