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Things You Should Know About Digital Marketing in Nigeria [Explained]

What do you know about digital marketing in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, no doubt marketing is a core business function. And it has taken a paradigm shift since the advent of the internet. And accompanied by increased technological advancement, marketing is no longer what many used to know.

In this article, we shall look at: 

  • Digital Marketing in Nigeria
  • Digital Marketing as A profession
  • How much do digital marketers in Nigeria make?
  • Top free digital marketing course in digital markers in Nigeria
digital marketing in Nigeria

Digital Marketing in Nigeria

Today, thousands of businesses in Nigeria are in the quest to explore more business opportunities through digital marketing. 

All businesses want to create awareness of their products and services, and of course increase sales. In other words, they seek to reach out to their targeted audience so as efficiently satisfy those needs.

And in an attempt to achieve all of that, many Nigerian businesses are fast embracing digital marketing to establish themselves as experts in their different niches or industry. 

Therefore, both small and large businesses in Nigeria adopt the following digital marketing efforts to boost their turnover rate:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Online display ads
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing 
  • Amongst others

Digital Marketing as a profession in Nigeria

As a profession in Nigeria, Digital marketing somewhat does not have a definite formal structure. And there are only a few formalized training programs within the four walls of a school. 

Yes, many educational institutions run marketing as a course, but not digital marketing. Perhaps, that is because it not traditional compared to the conventional way of marketing.

Thus, many digital marketers in Nigeria today are self-made—so to speak. They have learned over 90% of digital marketing skills from online courses. Business organizations organize some of these courses . Where as other business people, which usually take the form of mentorship programs.

Qualification to be a digital marketer in Nigeria

That said, many young Nigerians are gaining interest in the digital marketing space because of its prospective. Consequently, many are independent affiliate marketers. While others can be social media officers for different brands, as the case may be.

Meanwhile, there is no clear definition as to the required qualification to becoming a digital marketer in Nigeria. This is because to become a professional in digital marketing in Nigeria (or perhaps anywhere else) depend one thing.

An individual’s ability to develop quality and original content that can promote the products and services of businesses.  Anyways, in terms of educational qualification, a degree is required by most firms. Be it Marketing, English, Mass communication, or as the case may be.

Nevertheless, previous sales experience and customer relational skills are paramount. 

What about social media skills? You would ask.

Of course, every digital marketer needs selling skills and customer relationship skills 100%. And anyone can acquire these skills over time, even in using the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, amongst others. 

Nigerian digital marketers and how much they earn

In Nigeria, active professionals in digital marketing typically work for marketing firms or department of corporations. They provide solutions that will help promote their company’s brand and boost product sales. 

They help examine and seize opportunities in the market through different strategies and tools in their arsenal as digital marketers.

So what then is the…

Average earning of professionals in the digital marketing sector in Nigeria? 

Answering this question would require putting in perspective some considerations:

1. Is the digital marketer self-employed or working for an organization?

In Nigeria, many digital marketers are self-employed, and work as freelancers or affiliate marketers. 

On the other hand, many work for business organizations as full-time staff. And for this reason, stating a specific earning range or amount that an average digital marketer may be misleading.  Whether monthly or annually.

2. The job role and description 

In Nigeria, the job roles and descriptions of digital marketers vary. But this depends on the nature and scope of the business operations of the establishments they work for or with. 

And usually, the job titles vary from company to company (and from industry to industry). Some of the job titles include Social Media Manager, Content Strategist, Search Engine Specialist (SEO & SEM), etc. 

That may not be very significant to someone working full-time for an organization. But the next point will influence the earning potential of workers in digital marketing in Nigeria.

3. The size of the organization

You cannot expect someone working in a startup firm to earn more than a person in a fast-growing company. 

Having such an expectation is undoubtedly unrealistic.

In the same way, the amount digital marketers make in digital marketing in Nigeria is largely dependent on their employer. Talking about the kind of business organization they work for. 

Is the organization big? Or is it a startup struggling to find itself in the challenging business environment or digital marketplace? 

Unfortunately, this is another reason why coming up with a particular amount (or range) that digital marketers in Nigeria make. 

4. What state is the business located in?

In Nigeria today, some states are considered more economically developed than others. 

Take Lagos, there is a high demand for quality labor considering the increased competition existent in the industry. Simply put, there many industrial activities are taking place in Lagos.

As a result, digital marketers working with top digital marketing companies in Lagos will most likely earn more than those working in other states where economic activities are on the downside.

So if anyone seeking job opportunities in the digital marketing sector in Nigeria should do his due diligence. But then, must reflect on these factors (outlined above) shaping his earning expectations as digital marketer.


Top Free Digital Marketing Courses for beginners in Nigeria

The list below is the top three digital marketing courses compiled for beginners in the world of digital marketing in Nigeria. 

1. Google Digital Garage

In 2015, Google created Google Digital Garage as a program designed to help people improve their digital skills. And in an organized manner, it offers free training, courses, and certifications via an online learning platform.

Google Digital Marketing Certification is one of these programs.

So if you are a young Nigerian with plans to gain fundamental digital knowledge and skills to help enhance your race in digital marketing, Google Digital Garage’s free digital marketing course is something you may want to seize.

2. Coursera 

Coursera is an online training and educational service provider that offers a wide range of learning opportunities across the globe. And these opportunities include practical projects, degree programs, and courses that prepare one for a job. 

So as a digital marketer or online small business owner, gaining some digital skills is something you need. You should check out Coursera’s free digital marketing course.

3. Udemy

Udemy is another online course provider across different topics of the course. These courses are both free and paid programs. As an online provider, Udemy partner with many educational and capacity-building organizations. And thus has hundreds of instructors committed to changing the future of learning for the better.

Thus, if you are beginners in digital marketing in Nigeria, you should check out Udemy free digital courses provided. It will equip you with the practical skill set and knowledge to help you succeed in digital marketing.


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