How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria with ease

How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria with Ease [Expert Guide]


How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria seems to be the concern of many. Yes, many young Nigerians who are probably trying to experience what it means to work in Dubai while they search for greener pastures.

Indeed, Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. People have come to see it as a centre for tourism and lifestyle because of its aesthetic orientation, hosting some of the most magnificent skyscrapers in the world. 

Beyond that, Dubai, as a country, allows immigrants to come to enjoy the exotic lifestyle they have to offer.

But the question in your mind right now most likely will be: “Is it possible for one to get a job in Dubai? If yes, how can I achieve that? 

Then you’ve got to continue reading. Because this article covers the following:

  • How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria
  • Can I get a job in Dubai without a degree?


How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria

Getting jobs in Dubai may appear impossible to many, even though hundreds of people are achieving that. 

But first, you must be honest with yourself. By asking the following question in your quest to get a Dubai job from Nigeria:

  • Why do you think a Dubai employer should employ you?
  • Do you have a highly specialized skill that employers won’t find easily there?
  • Are you good at what you do? Or you’re ready to opt for any type of job?

Those questions above are to prepare your mind for the subheading below:

Two Sure Ways to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria

Method 1. Applying online via job websites

Here, you must be careful. In other words, verify the legitimacy of every company whose job posting to come across. So that you don’t fall into the hands of full-time scammers. 

That said, applying for employment opportunities on a UAE job site essentially requires your time and due diligence. 

In other words, you must be on the lookout while you pay attention to the details of every job posting (and offer) you come across. 

Some of the websites to harness when trying to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria include:


Method 2: Disguised tourist visit

This is another way many try to land themselves a job in Dubai. But why? Very simple, yet not very reliable compared to the first one. 

Though, it depends. Here, one flies himself to Dubai with the masked intent of enjoying tourism. But in the back of his mind, he/she wants to job hunt over there. 

If you want to try this route, you must know it can be a big disappointment for you. Especially if you’ve saved up your travel cost with the high hope of getting a job before the validity of your short-term visa expires. Though there are different types of Dubai Visa available to Nigerians. 


Method 3: Bonus method: 

To explore this method, you must have a family, relative, or friend in Dubai. But why? You’d ask. That’s because you practically sit and watch your friend or family member help you with the job application. 

And then, you’re invited for an interview by the employer, online or onsite. Depending on the organization and other factors. 

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How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria—Legal Requirements: 

Many think they have to pay to process a visa before they start applying for jobs abroad. But that’s not true.

As you’ve learned, you can freely apply for Dubai jobs online or capitalize on a short-term visa period to find a job there. 

But whichever is there, there are some legal documents you need to be able to live and work in Dubai. Without having to look at your back for the long arm of the country’s law. These documents include:

Dubai Employment visa

After your job application has been submitted to your employer, follow-up is something you should take seriously. That is because you’d need an employment letter from the company in question to verify your job offer there.

But upon receiving your employment letter, the next thing you want to do is wait. Yes, you’d wait for your employer to process your employment visa, whose application commence almost immediately.

That’s why you must ensure all the information you provide to your employer are accurate and void of falsity. Because once your employer has applied for your employment visa (by paying associated costs and fees on your behalf), the United Arab Emirates immigration department will contact you for verification.


Core documents you need when learning How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria

As a Nigerian, you’ll be unable to live and work in Dubai if you don’t have some essential documents. In fact, but with them in your possession (with other things checked), you’re guaranteed a two-year stay in Dubai with permission to work there. 

These documents include:

1. Health Card

The health card is one of the core requirements to get your Dubai work visa. And because your health status is crucial, you must undergo a medical examination covering blood tests and x-ray to ensure that you’re not suffering from life-threatening health conditions such as tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and HIV. 

As a result, you must submit the following documents to the Department of Health and Medical Services:

  • Photocopies of your passport, 
  • 2 passport photographs 
  • Your medical records
  • Employment offer verification, and 
  • Your employment visa application (done for you by your employer)

NB: If your medical report shows that you test negative for those ailments stated above, thank goodness. But when the reverse is the case, that most likely is an abrupt disqualification, meaning one is not fit health-wise to work over there.

2. Labour Card

To get your labor card, you need the following:

  • a passport photograph
  • copies of your employment contract offer 
  • photocopies of your medical records, employer’s labor license, and entry visa
  • All these are documents that you’re expected to submit at the Dubai Ministry of Labour office to get your labour card.

3. Residence Visa

This is the third important document you need to get to be able to obtain your Dubai work visa. And to get it, you’ll have to physically visit the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, where you’ll be required to fill out an application form for a residence Visa. 

But you’ll be expected to present two (2) passport photographs and original copies of the following:

  • Your passport, 
  • Your Entry permit, 
  • How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria
  • Your health certificate or medical records, 
  • Your labor card (or labor card processing receipts)


Can I get a job in Dubai without a degree?


From the study, it is believed that Dubai esteems competencies above paper certificates. Thus, on that note, you’re more likely to get a decent job without a degree. But the question is, will you be ready to learn and acquire new and hands-on skills that can qualify you into the league of those who’re earning fat pay?

Whether you like it or not, someone who’s providing a highly skilled service cannot be earning the same salary that unskilled workers receive.


Bonus tips on How to get a job in Dubai from Nigeria

  1. Do your due diligence before even applying for any job online. You can check the licensure of companies on the website of the Dubai Department of Economic Development.
  2. Make sure you apply for jobs that match your skills and experience. [You can read how to write a winning job application letter]
  3. Don’t stop researching 


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