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What is the lucrative business for ladies with low investment? The burning question in the heart of many, especially women. 

Yes, even though they’re very organized and good multitaskers, ladies are often overwhelmed when picking a business out of many. Especially in a time like this with many opportunities in different sectors.

That’s the reason this blog post has been carefully researched and written. So that you can find the best and easiest business to start from the list of low investment businesses for ladies below.

But first, 


How to find the best business ideas you can start?

Indeed, there will always be hundreds of business ideas one can start. And choosing the right business for you is very similar to choosing a career. But then you must ask yourself these essential questions: 

  1. What resources do I have? 
  2. What are my skills and experience?
  3. Am I ready to commit myself to one? 

Well, if you don’t have great resources at your disposal and your answer to the third question above is a YES, then you should read this article to the end. Because that will allow you to effectively pick from them: profitable business for ladies with low investment.

34 Super Profitable business for ladies with low investment

You might have read tons of articles searching for the best business ideas for women, but below are the 34 simple businesses for ladies you should consider. And for the sake of simplicity, they’ve been addressed under different sectors or industries, so to speak:

Educational business for ladies with low investment 

1. Academic tutoring

Do you have a sound academic background in a subject? It could be English, mathematics, financial accounting, chemistry, or any other science-based subject. Once you’ve answered that question with a Yes, becoming a home tutor to a struggling student(s) in your subject area may be your best bet in making pretty good bucks. 

It won’t cost you much, except your time. And you can decide to be a private instructor in person or online, using platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and others to sell your courses to those who need them.

2. Music instructor

While many are picking an interest in music, not many schools teach music to their students. And even those that teach it stop at the surface. Thus, if you have good theoretical and practical knowledge of music, you can set up music courses.

Through the courses, you can teach as many who want to learn musical stuff such as voice, tone, tempo, and rhythm skills, among others. But you should design your course(s) based on what you know your potential recipients need.

3. College application counseling 

If your love to see teens experience successful transition from high school to college is high, starting up a business that provides the service of college application counseling may be what you should consider.

But to do that, you’d have to obtain a few necessary certifications from important bodies in order to provide this service. An example of these associations in the United States is the National Association of College Admissions Counselors. Wherever you are, you sure want to do your due diligence without leaving any stone unturned so that you don’t get yourself into some legal problems.


Animal care business for ladies with low investment 

4. Dog walking 

For some people, they and animals exist in parallel worlds that can never connect. But if you’re the type who is fond of animals, especially dogs—regardless of breed, then it’s time to start making money from what you love. 

Helping owners of dogs care for their pets, simply by walking their dogs out for a short time, is real business. And you can start that right away because you don’t need $1000 in your account before you start a dog walking business. 

All you need is a bold step in approaching other ladies and men in your neighborhood (and beyond), telling them you’re a pro dog walker and that you’re open to such jobs. That sounds simple right?

Of course, it does! So what are you waiting for if you’re a lover of dogs? Stop reading this now if this perfectly suits you.

5. Pet sitting and Pet Grooming 

Another business for ladies with low investment involves animals is pet sitting and pet grooming. While they are related, they are both different.

Pet sitting involves you going to the owner of a pet(s) house to care for and watch over their pet(s) while they are away. Which could be a dog, cat, or the case may be.

On the other hand, Pet grooming is about taking of the physical appearance of pets. You make them look neat and appealing.  

And some things you do to groom these pets include clipping their nails, cleaning their ears, trimming, cutting, shampooing, and styling their furs. 

It’s simple to do and requires relatively no cost, that a 14-year-old teenager can take up to do on Saturdays. [Read Jobs for 14years-old without no experience]

6. Animal photography

Do you enjoy capturing beautiful photographs of nature, especially animals? If so, that’s what animal photography is. 

As an animal photographer, you take professional-looking pictures of pets (pet photography) or wildlife in their natural habitats (wildlife photography).

However, beyond your skills to professionally use photography equipment and photo editing software, the weather is something you’d want to consider. But that will primarily depend on whether you want to focus on wildlife or pet photography. All things being equal.

Freelance business for ladies with low investment 

7. Content writing

More than ever, businesses are seeing the need to establish and maintain a solid online presence. And one of the ways they achieve that is through written content, be it blogs, articles, or captions on their website and social media handles. 

That’s to say, if you’re very good at writing and creating engaging pieces of content, you’ve got a large market ready to pay for your craft.

You need a laptop, good internet subscription, and power supply (and your registered presence on a freelance site) to get started as a freelance content writer. And before you know it, soon you’re smiling your way to the bank. 

8. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the best business ideas for women, especially for those who know how to create compelling messages in writing. Copywriting is selling in writing; it’s different from content writing

While you need to hone your skills to mastery, you don’t need to become a master before you start making money in copywriting. Remember, learning is progressive and continuous. 

However, just like content writing, you only need your PC (or perhaps a smartphone), a good power supply, and internet facilities. 

9. Graphics design 

Have you been earning praises from your friends for helping them to design fliers for your meeting group, birthday posters, and logos for their small businesses (all for free)?

If yes, then taking your graphics design skill a step forward and start using it to make money is what you may want to do. Because lots of individuals and businesses are looking (frequently) for individuals like you who can work with graphic design software to create graphics content for the publicity of a product, event, promoting a brand, or any other campaign online and offline. 

10. Proofreading and editing 

BORING. Yes, that’s how many find proofreading and editing. But if you know how to spot typos when reading any written content, you might want to consider starting a business that provides proofreading and editing services.

While dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in any piece of content may appear simple, the truth is proofreading requires some technical knowledge to be successful in it. But a strong background (preferably a degree in English) will be good as it helps you achieve credibility with your prospective clients in the very first instance.

11. Video editor 

Are you good at making cohesive video presentations from raw footage shot by a film crew and director using computer software? If yes, then you might want to start a business in video editing. Because there is a lot of filming these days both by individuals and business entities, ranging from music videos, feature films, commercials, and corporate training videos, to television programs. 


Home services and repair business for ladies with low investment 

12. Home cleaning service

Since hygiene is part of our lives— and health, there will always be the need for us to clean our homes. But the question is, how many people have the luxury of time or can go through the stress of cleaning their homes? 

The answer is just a little percentage can. That makes home cleaning a highly sought service in this busy world, where everyone seems to be on a “fast mode,” rushing out for a 9-5jobs or an appointment in the morning and then returning home late.

On top of that, it is a business for ladies with low investment. Home cleaning services include mobbing floors, vacuuming, wiping surfaces, cleaning kitchens, sanitizing bathrooms, sinks, toilets, ovens, etc. 

Home cleaning services may also include other domestic services such as: 

  • fumigation and pest control
  • laundry and dry cleaning
  • Disinfection and decontamination
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Rug Upholstery 

13. Gardening and Nursery

The issue of climate change has been a lingering issue in the global space. And in an attempt to keep our environment safe, both individuals and corporate bodies want to have beautiful lawns and gardens with beautiful flowers and plants around their physical environment. 

Do you see the market for yourself? That’s to say, if you have practical knowledge of horticulture— knowing how to cultivate and nurture nurseries and plants, starting a gardening and nursery business is something you should think carefully about.  

14. Babysitting and childcare service

Do you have a love for children, and you’re passionate about seeing them grow into lovely personalities? If yes, you can become a babysitter or start providing a childcare service. 

But here, you must be meticulous in researching what’s obtainable in your region or locality. That is because every state has its unique regulations, licensing, or accreditation requirements around this matter. 


Virtual business support business for ladies with low investment

15. Remote Social media manager/consultant 

You’ll agree that in this present-day world that social media has gained dominance in how business gets done. And that’s why almost every business organization wants to create and sustain strong visibility on these social media platforms. And often, they’re looking for people who will help them achieve this.

That tells you that starting a remote social media consulting/management business is something you may want to jump at. That’s if you have expertise in these social media platforms—and essentially to use them to achieve business goals.

16. Virtual assistant 

Are you highly organized and know how to execute some primary administrative duties that a front desk executive performs? If yes, then becoming a virtual assistant is a business you can start with little money with the necessary tools and equipment. 

And that includes your laptop, headphones, good data subscription, basic office supplies, and stable power supply.

While a front desk executive works onsite, as a virtual assistant, you work remotely—that is, you work from home— making it one of the best online business ideas for women.

Essentially, as someone who’s providing virtual assistance, some of the administrative functions you perform to a firm (or an individual) include making telephone calls, attending to emails, scheduling appointments, and effectively sorting out arrangements as far as traveling is concerned. 

17. Remote customer service

Remote customer service is another Virtual business support business for ladies with low investment. It involves performing the typical roles of a customer service representative. But you do that remotely as the virtual assistant job demands.

It’s a simple business for ladies that don’t cost much, except that it requires you to have customer service skills and qualities

Thus, if you have strong communication skills, the ability to work independently, and interpersonal relationship skills, then settling for a remote customer service-providing business is what you may want to start after you finish reading this post. 


Physical business for ladies with low investment 

18. Event planning and management

Have observed that your friends keep wanting you around whenever they have an event to organize, be it their siblings, parents or children’s celebrations, or a naming ceremony. Or as the case may be.

If that’s your experience, then it may be a pointer that you’re very organized and know how to assemble things to achieve a goal. And therefore, you may want to create a business brand that helps coordinate and manage events, including types of business meetings

19. Own rental properties 

Another physical business for ladies with low investments is running rental properties. But it depends on the type of legal framework present in your country or region. You may want to involve a legal person to help in our choice of what and what type of rental properties might be best for you. 

20. Bridal stores

Bridal stores are outlets stocked with every bridal that’s everything that can help potential brides have a beautiful experience as far as their whole wedding experience is concerned. 

While your bridal store is a physical business, you can set up one online too. And some of the items found in bridal stores include wedding gowns and accessories, cakes, souvenirs, invitations, etc.

21. Palm-oil production

Palm-oil production is another physical yet agro-based business for ladies with low investment. Thus, it may not be rampant in all countries. But in some African countries where agriculture is the mainstay of their economy, many ladies get involved in making palm oil, and not necessarily on a macro scale.


Online business for ladies with low investment 

22. Start a blog

Many women are good communicators and great writers, yet they seem not to be sure of wanting online business ideas for women from which they can choose. If that somewhat describes you— you know how to write and love sharing your thoughts with others, then you may want to set up your blog. 

That doesn’t cost much compared to other businesses for women that require huge capital. You need to acquire a domain name, get a hosting platform, and be willing to provide valuable pieces of content in your chosen niche. There are some platforms where you can get a unique domain relatively for free. 

23. Vlogging

Today many people are making money by sharing entertaining, informative, or educative videos on vlogging websites. Thus if you’re not shy and love filming videos, you can start with your laptop, a camera, good internet data, and other basic facilities. Even without a personal computer(PC), you can start with your phone pending when you get one for yourself. 

But first, you must create an account on vlog sites like YouTube, TipTok, and Instagram, amongst others. You may want to read how others have made a fortune from vlogging

24. Drop shipping 

Drop Shipping is a prevalent business for ladies with low investments. And you don’t need to have a big warehouse heavily stocked with inventories, except for an online store where your customers can make orders. 

Based on your clients’ orders, you can place your orders directly to suppliers to help meet your clients’ needs, as you make your profit doing that. And to note, you can practically sell anything online through drop shopping, including clothing, T-shirt designs, footwear, electronics, etc.

25. Online counseling 

If you have an invaluable experience in a particular aspect of life, then starting an online counseling business may be something you should consider. That will allow you to use practical experience to have people in solving their challenges in that career. 

But you want to establish your credibility first. And that could mean getting certifications, or perhaps your evident track records can help you speak volumes to your potential clients. 

For example, if you’ve been married for the past two decades. If you are still happily living with your husband, you can decide to start giving counsel to younger couples that seem to be undergoing marital challenges. In such a case, even while certification is essential, your personal life is enough proof to set you as an authority in marriage counseling. 

In summary, the point is to be grounded in what you want to offer to counsel because no one wants to get misled.

26. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is now the buzzword in the making money online niche. What is it? In a simple term, you can say affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products online and earning a commission for every sale you make, depending on the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you’re involved in.

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs you can join for free. ShareAsale is one of them… and others. But then, you must be ready for some content marketing.

27. Networking business

Networking business is another name the business opportunity many also call networking marketing business. But while many have made a fortune out of this business model, many have also failed. What’s the point? 

Simple. Find the one that best suits you, with a product you’re enthusiastic. You don’t want to jump at anyone.

To get started in the Network marketing business (aka Multi-level marketing; MLM), you’ll need to pay a sign-up fee to register and start building your business by introducing as many people as you can to join your team. That’s because the bigger your team gets, the more money you make.


Fashion business for ladies with low investment 

28. Beauty parlor

Do you love making others look good by styling their hair? If yes, owning your own beauty salon or parlor may be what you want to start. It will only cost you a relatively low investment. 

You’ll simply be plaiting your clients’ hair, doing makeup for them, and other related cosmetic treatments. 

29. Sewing business

The clothing demand of people will always be high as there will always be new trends in fashion and upcoming events to attend. So if you want to beautify others with fine apparels, it’s time to harness your sewing skills to do that. 

It won’t cost much, except solely your skills to sew with other things available, such as your sewing machine and a few other little things.

30. Embroidery service

Embroidery service seems to work along with sewing. It involves adding style to fabrics using a needle (and thread) or a machine. Depending on what you want and can afford. 

Using a machine will speed up work and result in a high turnover.


Health and fitness business for ladies with low investment 

31. Yoga instructor 

Have you learned all that you need to know about Yoga? And do you love to teach people? If yes is your answer to both questions, then becoming a yoga instructor is something you should consider— and start as a business. 

That’s a lot of people who want to have an enjoyable yoga practice journey but need someone. You can be that person. As a younger instructor, you help your students prepare in a suitable environment for a yogic experience and then take them in.

32. Personal home trainer

Are you physically fit and relate to the fitness goals of others so well and can help them achieve them? If yes, then becoming a personal home trainer for an individual or a group of people is something you should think over.

But beyond that, you must have some certification to validate your competency in that area. That is because it has to do with people’s health, so as a personal trainer, you’re like a “fitness doctor” to your clients.

33. Premium vitamin and supplements seller

This is another health and fitness business for ladies with low investment. You can sell lovely supplements to your clients. But again, you want to be sure you are operating under the legal framework of your region, state, or country. 

Please do go outside the law. That’s just a word of caution anyways and not professional legal advice.

34. Meditation and mindfulness coach

The job of a meditation and mindfulness coach is close to that of a yoga instructor. If you can teach people how to practice (and incorporate) mindfulness in their daily work, you’ll make money for doing so as a mediation and mindfulness coach. 

Not only that, with time, you will make your client be able to value every moment they experience in gratitude.



The question of what the best business ideas for women will keep coming up, year in, year out. But every lady must know what ticks for them by answering the question raised in the introductory part of the article.

We started outlining and explaining business for ladies with low investment one after the other. Remember, what’s best for you may not be best for someone else. So do your due diligence after answering some inwards questions all by yourself. Once you do that, you are ready to run with what you’ve learned in the post. Have anything to say? Share it in the comment section.


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