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With no wife, Awez Darbar made a name for himself by making entertaining videos across vlogging platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, among others.  

With his dancing and acting skills, he has stepped into stardom and has collaborated with other famous people in the Indian entertainment industry on exciting projects.

The Early life of Awez Darbar 

On the 16th day of March in 1993, the Darbar family welcomed a bouncing baby boy in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was a Thursday.

He was named Awez Darbar by his Muslim parents. And the names of his father and mother are Ismail Darbar and Farzana Shaikh respectively.

He wasn’t born with any physical challenge. Awez Darbar grew up with his siblings and parents in his hometown.

Awez Darbar family

Awez Darbar was born into a middle-class family, having a dad who’s a musical director and musician. He grew up in Maharashtra, a state in the western peninsular region of India, with a passion for music and dancing. 

He has a brother named Zaid Darbar and two sisters; with the names Moonzarin Darbar and Anam Darbar respectively. Also, Awez Darbar has a stepbrother named Imaan Darbar; the son of his father’s second wife, Ayesha I. Darbar.

Awez Darbar education

Just like every other kid in India, Awez went to school. He attended St. Stanislaus High School and afterward went to the University of Mumbai to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, one of the oldest educational institutes in the city.

Awez Darbar’s wife and his career

You may be asking yourself, how is Awez Darbar, a young Tiktok star able to manage his career without affecting his home? 

Well, to start with, Awez Darbar does not have a wife yet (as at the time of writing). The information available is his engagement with Nagma Mirajak, who’s also a social media influencer. 

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that Awez Darbar officially started Youtubing on September 16, 2014. But before that time, he had been dancing with his crew “ACE” during his college days. 

When will she be Awez Darbar’s wife? 

According to ZoomTv Entertainment, Awez Darbar shared a beautiful and romantic picture of himself and Nagma Mirajkar, his longtime girlfriend on his Instagram handle in the latter part of 2021, announcing their engagement. 

Interestingly, in the shared picture, both of them were elegantly dressed and holding hands, with a diamond ring on Nagma’s ring finger. 

Awez Darbar’s wife started creating content with him

According to Entertainment Times in a post, Awez Darbar, in an interview in around the mid-part of 2020, had said this when he was asked about marriage…

“Abhi toh girlfriend hi nahi hai, toh shaadi kaise! (I don’t have a girlfriend right now, so there is no question about getting married!) We (Nagma and Awez) met while playing Pokemon in Andheri. But no- like I said, we’re friends that love creating content together and that’s about it.”

Awez Darbar’s wife enjoys Awez’ Videos

Although not yet married, Nagma did videos with Awez. But beyond this, she loved his content, even though he had no specific genre.

That’s because Awez Darbar created a variety of video content to entertain his fans and followers. In short, Awez believes in creating videos that he’d enjoy watching himself too. And at some point, he had made it known that many of the videos he films are spurred by happening around, coupled with the desire to entertain both family members (including uncles and aunties), as well as other following adults and youngsters. 

Thus, Awez Darbar’s videos revolve around funny kinds of stuff, dancing, or romantic videos. He just likes to see people being cheerful. Little wonder, during the lockdown period (according to him), the videos he created were to help boost the positivity of his audience. Everyone could remember how terrible that period was, right?

Awez Darbar’s father and his career 

Ismail Darbar, Awez’s dad is a renowned figure in the Indian entertainment industry. He was born in Surat, India on June 1, 1964, and has a career as a music director, instrumentalist, and film score composer. 

In other words, Ismail Darbar has done a couple of excellent works in the Bollywood movie industry on the strength of musical dexterity.

At this time, it’s natural to feel that Ismail had a strong influence on his son, Awez Darbar, who grew up to be passionate about dancing and with a strong love for music. 

Did Awez Darbar’s wife complain about his Height?

Though not yet married, the popular choreographer Awez Darbar has a pretty nice height of 178cm (5’9 ft). Even though he may not be above 6 feet, Nagma still appreciates him the way he is. 

Beyond the subject of height, Awez Darbar, a comely young man and professional dancer has made a beautiful life for himself.

Nagma Mirajkar— Awez Darbar’s wife?

At the time of creating this post, there is no information about any marriage between Awez Darbar and the known love of his life, Nagma Mirajkar. 

Again, Nagma Mirajkar is not yet married to Awez Darbar. She was born on January 24, 1992, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She attended the same high school and university as Awez Darbar. They both have come a long way. 

Nagma loves dancing, traveling, and shopping. And all these are what Awez Darbar enjoys doing too. Perhaps, the reason why their followers think they both will make a good couple.

Without Awez Darbar’s wife, “B You” got launched

As an unmarried young man, with the support of Zaid Darbar, his brother, in July 2019, Awez Darbar and Tejal Pimpley co-founded the dance academy known as “B You,” which is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

At the time of this writing, B YOU, as a dance studio and training platform, has over fifty thousand followers on Instagram.

Fascinating facts about Awes Darbar

  • He enjoys traveling, listening to music, and dancing
  • He fell in love with dancing before his girlfriend
  • He’s one of the most trending TikTok video makers
  • He appreciates building relationships with family members 
  • Upload two to three videos across his different Vlog platforms 
  • As the easiest business to start, Awez Darbar launched his career with his YouTube channel, and later set up others like TipTok, and the likes.

Career Achievements of Awez Darbar without a wife

Awez Darbar has achieved fame by seizing the use of vlogging platforms such as YouTube, TipTok, and others. And his followership continues to grow enormously. Currently, he has over 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channels. But has 22million followers on his Instagram handle, to mention a few.

Awez Darbar’s Net Worth 

The real net worth of the famous dancer and choreographer has not been verified. Thus, different figures are flying the net. However, Networth Spot did some analysis with the data they have and arrived at the opinion that Awez Darbar’s net worth (based on estimates) is to be near $45.97 million.

Awez Darbar’s biography

The biography of Awez Darbar has been summarized in the table below:

Name Awez Darbar
Nationality Indian
Date of birth March 16, 1993
College/University University of Mumbai
Parents Ismail Darbar and Farzana Shaikh
Religion Muslim
Hobbies  Dancing, Listening to Music, Travelling
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend  Nagma Mirajak
Siblings  Zaid Darbar—brother; Imaan Darbar (Stepbrother)

Two sisters— Moonzarin Darbar; Anam Darbar—sister

Height 178cm (5’9 ft)


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