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Enjoy making a powerful impression on people with charm and ready to respond to their queries? Then taking up the job of a front desk executive may be at the top of your list when trying to choose a career

But to do that, you must understand the front desk executive job description.

Thus, in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about a front desk executive—and what the job description of a front desk executive is, coupled with other relevant things about the job.

Who’s a Front Desk Executive?

Remember the last time you visited a company and the smart-looking young lady you met at the counter? She welcomed you with a beautiful smile and interacted with you in a lovely way, right?  

What did you call her? A front desk executive? A receptionist?

You’re probably right about what you called her.

A front desk executive is a professional hired by a company to help welcome visitors to their physical environment. He/she is the first point of contact to a firm’s customers, usually at the counter close to the entrance of the main building to provide administrative support.

However, a front desk executive not only welcomes visitors. But he/she attends to them with high people and customer service skills, ensuring their interests are sought after, even as the overall business goal of the company is achieved.

In other words, front desk executives practically serve as “ambassadors” of companies by representing the companies they work for in different ways. Depending on the size, nature of business, and industry, the duties, and responsibilities of a front desk executive. 

But below are common: 

Duties and responsibilities of a Front Desk Executive

  • Welcome customers with so much charm as they approach the front desk
  • Render administrative support
  • Attend to calls (both internal and external), as well as customers’ queries or complaints 
  • Help take security measures for an organization
  • Execute light promotional functions
  • Maintain accurate record of visitors for the organization
  • Carry other general and clerical duties, such as filing documents, sorting mails, data entry, etc.
  • Scheduling of interviews, meetings, and/or appointments 


Major skills for the job of a Front Desk Executive

  • Strong interpersonal skills

As a front desk executive, you need good interpersonal relationship skills to relate with many strangers, as well as the staff members of your organization.

  • Excellent communication skills

Great communication skills are another profound skill you need if you want to take up the job of front desk executive. Yes, you must possess the skill to communicate effectively in writing and verbally. 

  • Computer literacy

Your job as a front desk executive requires at least an intermediate computer literacy, with the practical ability to use computer software like Word-processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. That’s because you’ll always need to create documents, enter data in spreadsheets, to mention a few.

  • Organizational skills

Organizational skill is another skill a front desk executive needs. You must be able to schedule things in order of priority and take time into consideration. Meaning you must also be a good time manager.

  • Attention to detail skills

A front desk executive must be able to pay careful attention to detail at every point in the execution of his/her duties and responsibilities. Whether he/she is conversing with a client on phone, sorting emails or invoices, doing a presentation in a business meeting, or as the case may be. 


Other Skills and requirement| Front desk executive job description

  • Ability to use office tools, equipment, and machine such as scanners, printers, photocopiers, fax machine
  • Multitasking skill
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • High school diploma


How to become a front desk executive

Get yourself qualified

Yes, you read that. That first step to become a front desk executive is to identify the needed certification you must acquire. It could be a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, mass communication, or a related discipline.

However, you can pursue courses to help polish your communication and organizational competencies. Because they increase your chance of landing a suitable front desk executive job.

Take up internship opportunities

Another way to build your portfolio and experience to become a competent front desk executive for a big company in the future is seizing internship opportunities. This route is advisable if you’re starting out in your career. 

Internships make your resume more impressive before your potential employers for related job roles. And can be sourced for on some reliable websites where companies post openings from time to time.

Apply for the job

Many companies need the services of a front desk executive. Some include tourist houses, motels, restaurants, hotels, and others. 

At this point, when you’ve settled the two points above, you can start applying for jobs. But first you need to understand the front desk executive job description in posting you come across. Then you can write a good job application letter, accompanied by a compelling resume, depending on what your employers are looking for.


Front Desk Executive job description Sample

Below is Sample job description for a front desk executive:


BMB is a fast-growing company in the banking and finance sector, and we are looking for a competent front desk executive with a charming personality. This job will require you to warmly welcome potential clients while you interact with them to know what they want.

You’re to handle tons of inbound and outbound calls, scheduling appointments and meetings. Also you’re expected to listen and help address the queries of clients so as to make them have satisfactory customer experience. The sole aim is to command the loyalty of our customers, both new and existing clientele. 


  • Filing, photocopying and scanning of documents
  • Monitoring and restocking of office supplies
  • Establish amazing first impression by relating with visitors in a professional way
  • Performing administrative functions and general office upkeep
  • Cold calling and answering incoming calls, and/or redirecting them when necessary
  • Attending to mails and correspondence
  • Write daily report to management on important operations


Educational and skill requirements

  • Minimum of one year work experience (preferably in the hospitality sector)
  • BSc in English, mass communication, or hospitality and hotel administration
  • Competence in a Contact management software like Freshworks, Bitrix24, Nextiva, and the likes
  • Practical dexterity in computer software like Word processors, Google Drive, Spreadsheet, and other presentation programs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (including nonverbal communication skills)

Front Desk executive salary

The salary of a front desk executive is dependent on a lot of factors. And they include the industry which the company belongs to, the size and nature of business the firm is involved in, the experience and level of the individual (whether it’s an entry-level role or not), among others. 

Also remuneration of front desk executives vary from country to country, region to region, and state to state. That’s because the economic standard of one place is usually at variance with what’s obtainable elsewhere. 

However, in the United States according to, the average annual salary of a front desk receptionist is $38,539. 


FAQ– Front desk executive job description

Is the job role of a front desk executive different from a receptionist or front desk assistant?

A receptionist is a person hired by a firm to attend to visitors or clients either in person or on phone. He also helps in addressing the issues or complaints on behalf of his organization, coupled with other clerical duties he performs. And these are all what is captured in the front desk executive job descriptions.

Based on that, there’s practically no difference between a front desk executive and front desk assistant or receptionist, except the name.

Is the job of a front desk executive really stressful?

While the job of a front desk executive in one organization may be very related to that of another in a different company, the stress level may vary. That will depend on the size and nature of the company in question. 

However, as a front desk executive you may experience stress at work from time to time. Because the job can get overwhelming along the way. But if you have the life skill known as emotional intelligence, you can learn how to effectively manage stress at work. Without it adversely affecting your productivity level. 


Do I need to master the art of introducing myself professionally since I stay at one spot (at the counter) as Front desk executive?

Yes, of course. As a front desk executive, you interact with tens (if not hundreds) of people on a daily basis. And these calls will need you to give a compelling introduction of yourself— especially if you’re talking to a stranger.  

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