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5 Amazing things about Aries and Cancer friendship you should know


Do you think an Aries and Cancer friendship can stand the test of time? This pair seems to be on the opposite sides of a coin. 

Expecting Aries and Cancer to have a smooth ride in a relationship can be likened to trying to work out a peaceful coexistence between water and fire. 

In this article, we’ll look at the individual attributes of both Aries and cancer and how they can use these qualities to complement each other in a platonic friendship or romantic relationship. 

Aries and Cancer friendship starts with knowing their unique difference 


According to astrologers, Aries is the first out of the twelve zodiac signs with a fire sign and is said to be represented by a ram. Aries is seen to be stubborn, self-opinionated, and egocentric. That takes us to the subheading below.  

Attributes of Aries: 

  • They are impulse

Aries often take actions based on impulse, without critically thinking it through. And that’s why they may spill things out of their mouths (either based on excitement or anger) without thinking it through. 

  • Open and honest with the emotions

Aries is quite emotional and can be very reactive because they find it challenging to control their emotions. When Aries is angry, he/she cannot control his/her anger and tends to be aggressive, emitting the nature of a ram and fire. 

  • Competitive and persuasive 

Aside from self-centeredness, another obvious quality of Aries is that they are physical and possess the desire to want to be the center of attention. And this in turn brings about the desire to want to compete for a “crown” at every point in time. 

In other words, Aries will never accept defeat if they don’t get what they want, regardless of what others feel about their actions. 

  • See themselves as born leaders

Every Aries thinks and feels he/she was born to lead, and wouldn’t accept anything otherwise. Thus, an Aries man will naturally want to be in charge, and not be subjected to some sort of authority. 

  • Enjoy adventures

Aside from being blatantly vocal about his desires, An Aries wants to try new things in his quest for a life he considers full of fun. In simple terms, Aries like to explore possibilities by taking up and seeing risks as adventures. 

And due to this tendency, they find it difficult to breathe when exposed tasks are monotonous for a long time. 


Unlike the Aries, the Cancer is a homebody with a water sign; represented by a crab. And according to astrologers, it’s the fourth zodiac sign that is ruled by the moon, and therefore experiences mood swings. 

Below are some of the observable traits of cancer:

  • Sensitive and temperate
  • Experience mood swings
  • Hide their true feeling and emotions
  • they take time to trust
  • Great intuition and sense of judgment
  • display self-awareness and openness to negotiation
  • Value their comfort and security
  • Place a premium on their loyalty and can’t imagine breaking the trust of a partner or friend
  • Comfortable with routine


Aries and Cancer friendship compatibility

From the attributes highlighted above for both Aries and Cancer, you may find it impossible to think that they two can get along in a friendship or relationship. Can they? You’re probably asking yourself again. 

Well, this section will address how Aries and cancer can find common grounds without overstepping their boundaries. 

1. Cancer helps Aries to constrain their rash nature

Since an Aries, whether man or woman, acts based on impulse, they make some rash decisions or actions, whose outcomes are often not palatable. For themselves and, at times, others too. 

But with a cancer fellow as a friend or relationship partner by the side of an Aries, he/she tends to be slowed down in his decision-making. As he begins to learn how to think things through. That’s because as part of cancer’s nature, he/she analyzes things carefully. 

For example, An Aries may see some items and buys without thinking about the bills that he needs to settle during the weekends. But with the presence of cancer around him, he/she may be made to give that impulse buying a second thought. 

While that example has to do with spending habits, it applies to other aspects, such as managing a potential conflict situation(s). 

2. An Aries helps cancer to pull down the weight of heavy emotions

Cancer is often in his/her shell, reflecting over a lot of things all by him/herself. But with Aries around him/her in a friendship, Cancer can learn the importance of taking a break from overwhelming oneself with torrent thoughts. 

That’s because Aries find staying deep in thoughts for a long time. Thus, an Aries man can invite a cancer woman for a fascinating outing to separate her from deep thoughts that may be depressing most of the time. 


3. An Aries helps cancer to unmask themselves to enjoy the breath outside

Cancers are at their best when they’re in their world with their security and safety in tact. And that’s why a cancer lady or man will love to be at home most of the time. Unlike the Aries, Cancers feel uncomfortable in social gatherings; they’re somewhat shy and cherish their personal space. 

But with an Aries friend and partner, cancer seems to have a “mouthpiece”. That’s because Aries can help ease the inner tension of a Cancer in social situations like meeting new people. After he enjoys taking the lead. As a practical example in a hangout, a party, networking event, you may have something like:

“Hello Nelson, meet Amanda, one of the beautiful personalities I know, who know what they do– and how to do it best…”

While Cancer may have been encouraged to go to such an event, compliments and statements can help him/her to want to open up for networking. 


4. A Cancer allows An Aries to Enjoy His freedom

One of the attributes of Aries is his continual quest for adventures— going out and taking up new challenges. And he may see any clinging friendship that attacks this desire as toxic relationship. [Learn about toxic relationships you shouldn’t get into]

That’s why cancer may be the best friend or relationship partner for Aries. That’s because while cancers can be emotional, they’re not clingy. They know how to independently engage themselves, even when someone they love is not around for a while. 

5. Both Aries and Cancer both initiators

Aries is a born leader just as much as Cancer is too. Sounds strange to what you’ve read alone, right? 

Both Aries and Cancer are under the cardinal sign and are therefore initiators– and natural leaders. And this can be a source of conflict in an Aries and Cancer friendship. 

And that can make the fire sign of Aries and over-possessiveness irritable to Cancer. But then it teaches him/her to be able to articulate how he/she feels without trying to play the “pleasing cards”. 

On the other hand, Aries may also learn how to tenderness that comes with the cardinal water sign of Cancer. 

Final thought

Like any other friendship, Aries and Cancer friendship needs the partners to understand each other and communicate well. That’s to say, regardless of your zodiac sign, you should be transparent in communicating your frustration in a relationship with your partner. 

Both parties must be ready to establish common grounds, even if it means sustaining a low-maintenance relationship


What other ways do you think an Aries and Cancer can complement each in a friendship? Or you feel you feel relationship between both is not workable? Use the comment section


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