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Biography about Nick Vujicic | The Extraordinary Pastor Without Limbs

The biography about Nick Vujicic is a must-read for everybody, both young and old. He is the first child of his parents, Dushka Vujicic and Boris Vujicic—out of three children. He’s an Australia-American speaker, Christian evangelist, coach, and entrepreneur. Despite his physical condition, Nick Vujicic went on to become a New York Times best-selling author.

Thus, this article is all about Nick Vujicic’s biography in English. Enjoy the read.

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Biography about Nick Vujicic: Event surrounding His birth

Pastor Nick Vujicic’s mum was a midwife and had worked as a pediatric nurse when she conceived him at the age of 25. 

And being her first pregnancy, she was careful of her health and the foods that went into her system. That’s to say, she watched her diet and dreaded the consumption of alcohol, aspirin, or any painkillers that could have adversely affected the pregnancy.

And interestingly, nothing unusual was detected during his mother’s pregnancy. 

But little they know.


Nick Vujicic Biography and the Intrigues of his birth

On December 4, 1982, Nick (with the full name Nicholas James Vujicic) was born in a hospital in Melbourne, Australia. But silence broke out after his mum asked the doctor, is the baby alright?

But as an experienced nurse who had practically taken part in hundreds of deliveries, Nick’s mum could sense that all wasn’t well from the countenance of the medical team.

Nick, in his book, Life without Limit, noted that his mother insisted in her demand to know if the baby was alright. A question that the doctor couldn’t provide a good answer to, except for a medical term.

He said, Phocomelia.

And because of her background in nursing, she was able to grasp what the doctor had said. But then, she couldn’t just accept such news.

And the best reaction she could elicit was to cry. Yes, she cried with her soul! Also, her husband howled after realizing his son had no arms. The nurses and midwife also cried out, even as Nick cried his eyes out where he was.

Everybody cried!

And according to Nick, the medical team finally kept him close to his mother, who was in deep mourning. But she bawled out that they should take him away and that she didn’t want to touch him or see him. 

She couldn’t bear the reality that her first child and son had no limbs.


Biography about Nick Vujicic: His Education

As a child, Nick got prevented from attending school. And the reason is that, during that time, Victoria State disallowed Nick from attending a mainstream school due to his physical disability. Even though he has no mental impairment.

But as soon as the 1996 Education Act got legislated, Nick was amongst the physically challenged youngsters who were privileged to get admitted into mainstream schooling. This is to say that the 1996 Education Act was a legal framework that accorded disabled young people legal access to placement in mainstream education upon successful appeal.

Nick’s parents were devout Christians who were left in wonder, not knowing what God’s plan was for giving them a baby like Nick. However, they showered love on Nick in the best possible way.

However, transitioning from childhood to adolescence wasn’t easy for him. He encountered bullying in school and even social rejection. And the fearful feeling of whether he would ever be normal again haunted me for a long time.

He Attended Runcorn State High School in Queensland—a place he had called to give speeches.

However, Nick, the Australian evangelist and motivational speaker at age 21 – graduated with a degree in commerce from Griffith University.


Biography about Nick Vujicic: Pastor without limbs, yet he Chose not to be limited by His Physique

Today, Nick’s life is an inspiring one to thousands. He went through depression and suicidal ideation. But the turning point was when he realized that he could live a life without limits, even if he had no arms. And to achieve this, he found out that he needed the following:

  • A powerful sense of purpose
  • Faith in God and the infinite possibilities
  • A courageous spirit
  • Willingness to change
  • A trusting her
  • Hunger for opportunities
  • The ability to assess risks and to laugh at life
  • A mission to serve others


Early childhood in Nick Vujicic biography

Born without limbs in Melbourne, Australia to the family of Dushka Vujicic (his mother) and Boris Vujicic (his dad), Serbian immigrants from Yugoslavia, Nick’s early life began in 1982— his birthday.

At birth, Nick had fused toes on his left foot. But an operation was carried out on them, separating the big toe from the other one. And this was actually to allow him to use his toes as his fingers and hands in grabbing, pulling, and holding things.

“My heart asked if I was depressed, overwhelmed with negative thoughts, and didn’t see any point in my life,” said Nick. He felt alone, even when surrounded by family and friends.” 


Biography about Nick Vujicic: Personal and family life

Nick moved to California on March 9, 2002. But he met his beautiful wife, Kanae Miyahara, in McKinney, Texas, close to Dallas. That was in 2008.

After getting to know each other, they both got married on February 12, 2012. And now, they live in southern California with four beautiful children (two boys and two girls); namely:

Kiyoshi James Vujicic

This is the first child and son of Nick and Kanae Vujicic. He was born on February 13, 2013. 

Dejan Levi Vujicic

Kiyoshi James Vujicic is two years older than Dejan Levi Vujicic, who was born in the year 2015. Dejan Levi Vujicic is the second son of his parents.

Olivia Mei Vujicic

She is one of the twin daughters of Pastor Nick Vujicic and Kanae Vujicic born two years after the birth of Dejan Levi Vujicic, their second son.

Ellie Laurel Vujicic

Ellie Laurel Vujicic is the twin sister of Olivia Mei Vujicic. And they look alike.


Biography about Nick Vujicic: Career & Profession

Nick started a career in public speaking upon discovering that his life and inspiring life story could serve as a source of inspiration and hope to as many going through depression and hopelessness and on the verge of giving up on life.

When he told his parents of his plan to focus his energy on public speaking as a career, they had their reservations about the decision.

According to Nick, in his book Life without Limit, his father had asked him this question: “Don’t you think that an accounting career, with your practice, would be more appropriate for your circumstance and provide a better future?

Nick knew his dad loved him and thought accounting would be the best career for his son, probably, because of his numerical ability and crunching figures.

But at age 15 (after his baptism at age 11), Nick asked God to give him light on his purpose and direction as to the career path he should go. So he began to share his faith and story with his audiences. 

But when he was 17, he began to give talks at his prayer group. That after his mother had shown him a woman with severe disability praying in a newspaper article.

Moreover, acting and authoring are essentially part of his career journey as a person. And as a well-known evangelist, he spread the message of hope to thousands of people around the globe through his life story and by sharing God’s word.


Pastor without limbs Vs Boy without limbs

It was a surprising moment for Nicholas James Vujicic.

It was a Sunday morning, and Nick needed to be present at the Knott Avenue Christian church in Anaheim, just down the road not too far from his home. For a speaking engagement—the first occasion he was going to talk to a pretty large crowd.

Upon his arrival, Nick entered in his wheelchair and got seated on a bench in front of the auditorium. The program had just started, and the choir soaked the atmosphere with some beautiful opening songs.

And not too long into the service, while the songs were still on, Nick could hear his name. A voice was calling. Though not sure if it was his Nick, he looked back anyway and saw an older man feeling excited that he had finally caught his attention.

As he looked in the man’s direction, he saw him pointing to the man standing next to him, with a baby. And not sure of what they were trying to draw his attention to, he looked again with more focus. And this time around, he saw a baby boy held up high above the crowd so that he could see him.

Surprisingly, he saw a “brother” from another “parents”. The child had no arms, and no legs. And just like himself, the infant Daniel Martinez, had a left foot,” Nick stated in his book.


Biography about Nick Vujicic: His Achievement and Awards

  • Was given the Australian Young Citizen Award in 1990 for the display of determination and courage
  • World’s Best Motivational speaker
  • In 2005 he was one of the contenders Young Australian of the year Award
  • At the ‘Method Fest Independent Film Festival’ in 2010, he bagged home the ‘Best Actor in Short Film’ award for his spectacular performance in the film “The butterfly circus
  • New York time bestselling author
  • In 2005, Vujicic established an international non-profit organization and ministry, popularly known as Life without Limbs.
  •  In 2007, he founded a secular motivational speaking company named Attitude is Altitude.
  • He released a Short film documenting Nick’s life, “Life’s Greater Purpose,” in 2005
  • 2009: Top Prize from Doorpost Film Project for starring in “The Butterfly Circus”
  • Published Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life in 2010.
  • Launched “Something More” Project with Tyrone Wells in 2010
  • Engaged with Kanae Miyahara in 2011
  • Got married to Kanae Miyahara, the love of his life, in 2012
  • Published the bestseller “Unstoppable,” in the year 2012
  • Amongst others


Biography about Nick Vujicic His Quotes

  • “If you’re still searching for your path in life, know that it’s okay to feel a little frustration. This is a marathon, not a spirit. Your yearning for more meaning is a sign that you are growing, moving beyond limitations, and developing your talents.” ― Pastor Nick Vujicic
  • Empathy is a great gift. I encourage you to practice it at every opportunity because it heals those who give, as well as those who receive. ― Nick Vujicic
  • “It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything.” ― Nick Vujicic
  • “I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter.” ― Nick Vujicic
  • “The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over.” ― Pastor Nick Vujicic
  • “Life without limbs? Or life without limits?” ― Pastor Nick Vujicic
  • I don’t want to be someone’s reason to hate their life. I want to be someone’s reason to seek something more in their life. – Nick Vujicic
  • God’s using my life as just one example of how God can use a man without arms & legs to be His hands and feet. – Nick Vujicic
  • It is important to keep the love of God in your heart because sometimes there are moments when you feel miserable – Pastor Nick Vujicic
  • “Money can’t heal your heart. Money can’t give you purpose. I don’t want arms and legs, I want purpose. I don’t want arms and legs, I want peace. And I don’t want arms and legs, I want to be a miracle for someone else.” – Nick Vujicic
  • “Pain is pain. Broken is broken. Fear is the biggest disability of all. And will paralyze you more than you being in a wheelchair.” – Nick Vujicic
  • “Focus on your dream and do everything in your power! You have the power to change your life circumstances.” – Pastor Nick Vujicic


Nick Vujicic’s net worth

As of 2019, the net worth of Pastor Nick Vujicic, the founder of the international organization known as Life Without Limbs, was worth $500,000. But currently, as a worldwide Christian evangelist and bestselling author, at the time of writing this post, his net worth is estimated to be close to $1millions. 


Biography about Nick Vujicic With His height 

Nick Vujicic’s estimated height is 3 ft. 2 inches (0.99m, 96cm). While it is evident that Nick Vujicic (pastor without limbs) has a short stature and height, he has great strength that many with gigantic size are still searching. 

And in a very inspiring way, he uses his “abbreviated body” (as he said in his book, Life without Limit, people would call) to do “normal things” in extraordinary ways. 


Nick Vujicic biography— and his hobbies

“As I tried to do ordinary activities like swimming and skateboarding, I would only become more and more that there were simply some things I would be able to do,” says Nick Vujicic in autobiography.

The expression above reflects what was going on in Nick’s disturbed mind while going through a difficult time as a child and a young adolescentBut interestingly, most of those things that he found difficult to do now form part of his hobbies. 

He loves doing music, skateboarding, swimming, speaking to audiences, surfing, etc.

Look at Nick Vujicic surfing in the video: 

Nick Vujicic Biography in books written by Him

Books written by Pastor Nick Vujicic are always great to read, as they usually talk about his inspiring life story and how he was able to live above the reality of being born without limbs and suicidal thoughts as a young boy.

nick vujicic books
This particular book by Nick Vujicic has lived on my bookshelf for about eight years since 2014. And it’s looking a bit crumpled.

The following below is some of the amazing books written by Nick Vujicic: 

  • Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life, originally published on August 31, 2007
  • Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action, published originally on October 2, 2012
  • Your Life Without Limits: Living Above Your Circumstances, published originally on February 28, 2012
  • 31 Days to a Hope Inspired Life, published in March 2013
  • Limitless: Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life, published originally on 2 April 2013
  • Attitude is Everything: The Story of an Extraordinary Life, published in 2013
  • Stand Strong, originally published on April 15, 2014
  • Love Without Limits: A Remarkable Story of True Love, published originally in 2014
  • And others. 


Nick Vujicic Siblings Biography about Nick Vujicic

Nicholas James Vujicic is the first child and son of Dushka and Boris Vujicic. He was different from his siblings, namely Aaron Vujicic and Michelle Vujicic. Unlike Nick, who was born without limbs and grew into a pastor without limbs, Aaron and Michelle have no physically challenged.


Biography about Nick Vujicic In Tabular Format

The table below contains the summarized Nick Vujicic biography, which helps you recap all you read so far in this article.

  Full Name   Nicholas James Vujicic (pronounced Voy-a-chich)
  Birth Place   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  Date Of Birth/Birthday   December 4, 1982
  Age    40years (as of 2022)
  Nationality   Australian-American
  Parents   Father – Boris Vujicic
Mother – Dushka Vujicic
  Marital Status:   Married to Kanae Vujicic (with the maiden name “Miyahara”)
  Children Name/Kids   Kiyoshi James, Dejan Levi, Ellie and Olivia
  Career/Profession   Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Evangelist
  Net worth   Nearly $1 Million


What is your major takeaway from Nick Vujicic biography?


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Nick Vujicic (2010). Life Without Limits. Doubleday Religion International Edition

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