Jobs for 15 year olds with no experience

21 Simple Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience|

Are you still wondering if there are jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience? And as a young teenager, parent, or an older sibling of a young teen, you may be trying to figure out where to find these jobs in question. 

Now take a deep breath of relief. WHY? The answer is simple: 

This article will help you discover some of the legal jobs minors (individuals below 18 years) can do to make decent money.    

And the list has been categorized into onsite (requiring physical presence) and online Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience. 


Onsite Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience

These are jobs you can only perform in person. Some may need you to write a job application letter, and others may not.

1.      Grocery Baggers

Estimated Hourly average pay: $12

Remember the last time you visited the grocery store? Who helped you put the items into a shopping bag and then move them out of the grocery store in the rolling cart?

Grocery baggers. Yes, you guessed right.

But beyond that, Baggers at a grocery store perform duties that include unloading inventories off trucks and stocking them up on the grocery shelves.  

Other names for grocery baggers are packer, sacker, or bag boy (commonly called in the United States).

2.      Teen Caddy

Estimated Hourly average pay: $22.5 ($15 – $30 USD)

Caddies are individuals (usually young males) who work at golf courses and country clubs, carrying players’ game equipment. They assist golfers in carrying golf bags, clubs, and perhaps a couple of other items.

Yet, more recently, some people believe being a caddy (aka. caddie) is more than carrying clubs for golfers. But then, it’s a job a teenager not up to 18 years of age can take up… with no experience.

3.      Teen camp counselor

Estimated Hourly average pay: $14 /hour

A camp counselor is a person who provides a better camp experience for campers, most likely between the ages of 7 and 16. He/she spends 24hrs with the campers and supervises them and all their activities– making it fun and properly organized.

Thus, as a teen camp counselor, you coordinate, organize and oversee recreational activities for young campers (both children and young teenagers) while their safety is taken care of. 

But while no experience may be needed, you need interpersonal skills, verbal and nonverbal communication skills to be a good camp counsellor.

4.      Cashier

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $14

Cashiers are people you come to nearly every day. At the grocery store. Book stores. And other places you’re already thinking of.

A cashier is a person hired by a retail outlet or store to handle cash receipts and payments. And maybe credit transactions, depending on the transactional or payment policy of the entity. 

5. Barista

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $12

If you’ve been to a coffee shop, chances are you’ve enjoyed the service of a barista. Baristas are individuals coffeehouses employ to prepare and serve customers beverages (including coffee and tea).

But beyond that, Baristas keep things in order within the coffee shop to give customers the best experience and satisfaction. While any minor (a person below 18) may be able to do this job, it requires some essential qualities of customer service.

6.  Dog walkers

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $15

These are pros in the business of dog walking, either under an established business or as an independent dog walker. For money they walk dogs out of the owner’s home, though not too far from their resistance.

So, as a 14-year-old teenager or one not up to 18, you can take up this job, as long as you know how to handle dogs and take them for different walking sessions. But the amount of time you spend walking each dog, may depend on the instructions from the client and the breed of the dogs. 


7. Voice Over Artist

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $19

A Voice-over artist is one of the jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience or other teenagers below 18. But the question is, do you have a good voice that captivates the attention of others while you say what you have to say?

If your answer is yes, then finding yourself a voice-over artist job is something you should think about. 

With your captivating voice, language is something one may want to consider. For example, if your spoken English is pretty okay, you may want to use voice in the advert of a local store near you. 

8. Dishwasher

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $12

Dishwashing is one of the simple jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience. A dishwasher works in a cafeteria and gets charged with cleaning dirty plates and stacking them up in the serving station– for use.

In some restaurants, the job role of a dishwasher may include a bit more, depending on their policy. But one has to be careful in the handling of dishes. 

9. Busser 

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $11

A busser is someone hired in a restaurant or an employer in the catering business and whose job is to clear and tidy up tables. He sets the tables for customers by moving dirty dishes off tables and moving them to the dishwasher.

Every busser needs basic communication skills to relate with customers and other staff members. Meanwhile, the bus girl or busboy (as popularly called in Northern America) does refilling of non-alcoholic drinks for customers.


10. Theatre Ushers 

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $10

These are types of ushers often found within the main auditorium of the theatres where a performance(s) had been to take place.

In other words, the job of theatre ushers is to ensure maximum customer service gets delivered to the audience, that is, those who have come to get entertained. It often require a good interpersonal relationship skill.

So as a theatre usher, you welcome guests to the theatre, get them seated, and work with other members of your team to ensure they get value for their time and other resources incurred to get there. All in an ordered and organized atmosphere.

11. Host/Hostess

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $10

This is the first person that welcomes every visitor to a restaurant with a beautiful smile. But they don’t stop there. Your comfort and satisfaction are their priority.

Thus, as a host/hostess in a restaurant, you may walk visitors to their tables. But you’d present them a menu from which they can choose what they want. Also, you attend to a few queries they may have. 

12. Referees

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $18

Have you watched a football match before? If yes, you should know the name given to that man on the pitch who looks different from every other person running around.

Referee. You guessed right.

What do they do in any game? They coordinate, direct, and enforce rules unique to different sports, depending on the prevailing situations. But as a young teenager, you can get paid for doing this– a local sport game– so far you have a good knowledge of the sport. It may be hockey, basketball, soccer, or baseball. 


Online Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience

13. Tutoring 

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $27

You don’t need to be a professor to teach someone. All you need is a good knowledge of what you want to teach. You may have good knowledge of academic subjects. You may decide to teach others English or any other language you’re good at through a one-on-one online tutor.

14. Photographer

Estimated Hourly average pay:  $21

Are you enthusiastic about taking pictures? If yes, you’ve earned yourself a job. That’s because you can help both individuals and businesses take beautiful photos while they pay you for doing that. Or best, with your lovely camera, you can take pictures and earn from them by selling them to stock photo websites.

15. Online Survey

Estimated Hourly average pay: Undecided

As a young teenager, online surveys are one of the 14-year-old jobs you can explore if you’re good at carrying out surveys. While you may not cash out big bucks from these, they’re quite simple to execute.

Yes, they’re pretty easy business to start for anyone. Through online surveys, you help companies gather valuable information from their consumers about their products, and they pay you in return. But more often than not, you can’t start just like that. You need to get registered first on a survey site(s)

16. Graphic design

Estimated Hourly average pay: $27 (for beginners)

The ability to create designs is what many lacks. But if you’re a young teenager with this knack, you can earn a decent amount of money part-time. Especially if you’re still in high school, without it affecting your schooling.

Hence, you use Canva or Adobe Illustrator to create visual content for some business brands. It could be an exquisite image for social media posts, cover images, or logos. Or as the case may be. 

17. Writer

Estimated Hourly average pay: $23 (for juniors)

While writing essays in school isn’t the same as writing for the internet, you can get a writing job as a young teenager. But first, scribbling your thoughts in writing should be what you’re passionate about and through which you can provide value to people.

Writers give value to both individuals and companies in different ways. From creating blog posts to writing articles and fascinating captions for social media posts or other content.  But for one to get content writing job under a company, one must able to create a CV for content writer


Saturday Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience

18. Car Wash attendant

Estimated Hourly average pay: $12

Anyone can pretty much do this and get paid. Even without experience. You can wash the cars of workers or business people who hardly have the time to do it themselves.

19. Modeling

Estimated Hourly average pay: $25 (for fashion—though could more for others)

As a teenager, modeling is another job you can do part-time, even though it can be time-consuming. But since you cannot leave school, you’re better off sticking with the part-time option. But then, you’d need the consent of your parents before signing with a modeling agency.

20. Newspapers deliverer

Estimated Hourly average pay: $11

As a young teen you can work as a newspaper deliverer or paper by distributing printed newspapers to people in their homes or opened business locations.

21. Cat sitting

Estimated Hourly average pay: Undecided

While cat sitting seems a bit close to dog walking, they’re both distinct from each other. It’s one of the jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience. And it involves you visiting a cat owner’s home to take care of their cat while they (and perhaps everyone is) away.


FAQ on Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience


How many hours does a 14-year-old work?

As you know, anyone under 18 is a minor, and rules that check how many hours a 14-year-old can work may vary from country to country. Or from region to region.

But in the UK, since a 14-year-old is supposed to be in school, the following are allowable working hours

  • On school days (weekdays), you can only work for a maximum of 2 hours and Sundays. While on Saturdays, you’re at liberty to work a maximum of 5 hours. So 12 hours is the maximum number of hours you work a week during an academic term.
  • But during holidays, you’ve got the privilege to work for longer hours. In a week, you can work for a maximum of 25hours. But you’re not allowed to work more than 5 hours on weekdays and Saturdays. And for Sundays, not more than 2 hours. 
  • Working during school hours is considered illegal. Also, you’re not to work hours before 7 am or past 7 pm. 


Do Jobs for 14-year-olds consider minimum wage?

Remuneration of the jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience is subject to negotiation between the employer and the minor, coupled with the nature of work in question. In other words, you’re not qualified for the national minimum wage every other mature adult (above 18) gets. 


Final Thought

While the zeal to land yourself a job can be exciting, you should do your research about legal jobs for 14-year-olds near you. Because while trying a job without experience as a minor, you don’t want to get yourself or your loved ones into some legal issues.  

However, most of these jobs do not only help build a solid portfolio in your career path, they help you acquire some important life skills.


Side note on the Jobs for 14-year-olds with no experience above


Please note the estimated hourly rates for the jobs are not universal, and may vary from region to region with due consideration of all other possible influencing factors.

Thus, the estimates were arrived at from information from the sites:

The estimates for the list jobs mentioned below were sieved from (most of which are obtainable in the US):

  • Bagger
  • Cashier
  • Barista
  • Dog walkers
  • Voice-over artist
  • Dishwasher
  • Busser
  • Theatre ushers
  • Host/hostess
  • Referee
  • Online tutor
  • Photographer
  • Graphic design
  • Writer
  • Car Wash attendant
  • Modeling
  • Newspapers deliverer

While that of Caddy was obtained from Golf Storage Guide.  And for that for Teen Camp Counsellor was extracted from Zip Recruiter.

However, that for online survey and cat sitter were tagged as “Undecided” because reservation of the specificity of the information available. Thus, you might want to get more specific information as to what obtains in your area, state, or region.





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