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Just like gold, low-maintenance friendships need to be cherished. They are rare. Yet, it may interest you to realize that you have some of them in your life.

That’s true because as one grows older, life seems to get busier. And life happens so fast, and you may lose connection with people– perhaps, your high schoolmates, friends in college, or varsity. Or as the case may be.

Thus, in this article, you’ll learn what low-maintenance friendships are (if you’re hearing them for the first time). You’ll also discover why it may be the best type of friendship for you today.

But before we get deep down into the topic, take a few seconds to ponder on this question:

“Do you still enjoy the connection with your old friend, who barely calls or chats up to you? Or do you feel irritated when they give you surprising calls or “hello” chats days, weeks, or months of being out of touch?

You’ll soon find out why you’re feeling that way (as your answer)


What are low-maintenance relationship friendships?

The connection in many friendships has burned down like the historic Iron Bridge in Rome. But that’s not the case with low-maintenance friends.

So what then are low-maintenance friendships?

These are friends with established real connections, which distance cannot tear apart. It doesn’t matter if they’ve only spoken to each other for weeks or months.

Whenever they communicate (either via the phone, Skype, WhatsApp video, or physically), you can always feel the energy they emit. Both in their voices and other nonverbal communication cues. And you may get tempted to think that their energy level (and enthusiasm) will pass through the ceiling.

In other words, it feels like they had only spoken to each other the previous day.


Attributes of low-maintenance friendship

Low maintenance friendship is in no way a type of toxic relationship which may adversely affect one’s health and overall wellbeing in the long run. On this ground, below are some of the features of a low-maintenance friendship:

  • Low-maintenance friends or individuals don’t easily take offense. They are quite understanding and show emotional maturity.
  • No unrealistic expectations. They are not hard on themselves by placing too many expectations on themselves. None of the parties expect each to call every second, minute, or day, but they can’t seem to get over their conversation whenever they get in touch one-on-one or electronically.
  • They maintain an open and upbeat mindset. With the positivity of both parties, a low-maintenance friendship is set apart from other kinds of friends. Simply put, they approach life and each other with optimism.


Why should you desire (and cherish) a low-maintenance friendship


1.   No time for drama over little things

Losing friendship is not an easy experience, yet it can happen to anybody— especially over little matters. But that’s not true for low-maintenance friendship as the individuals involved have no time for drama.

They don’t feel neglected when their friends don’t call them for days or weeks. That’s why when you grab your phone to call a friend you’ve not spoken to for weeks, she still interacts with so much joy without grudging or acting as one entitled to some apology from you.

Because she understands you and how life can get busy at times.


2.   Connected by heart

You’ve heard the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” right?

That’s true for many friendships. But not for low-maintenance friendship. Your low-maintenance friend may not have every information about happenings in your daily life. Every minute detail like what you ate today, how many sales you made today, the role you play (in drama) in your church, or who you hung out with yesterday at work, amongst others.

Yet you can still beat your chest that he hasn’t forgotten you because you occupy a place in his heart. And while he may not have “every minute” detail about your life, he knows the “big picture” about you.

The big picture here may mean who you’re dating, your source of livelihood, close members of your family, a big project you’re working on, etc.


3.   Living your own life

This is one of the reasons you want to be friends with a low-maintenance person rather than a high-maintenance fellow. The opportunity to live your own life without feeling guilty for practicing self-care.

In other words, you don’t get pressured by low-maintenance friends to live a life that’s inconsistent with the life you’ve always dreamed for yourself.

And thus, they understand you may choose to be away from your social media platforms, such as your WhatsApp and Facebook, amongst others… to pursue peace, chase a course, take a break, and write an exam without feeling ignored.

They’re not ignorant that everybody has their life to live and are unwilling to choke you with their expectation. Simply put, they’re not clingy like high-maintenance friends or individuals.


4.   Mutual sensitivity and respect

Another advantage you enjoy of having low-maintenance relationships: is mutual respect and sensitivity. Yes, low-maintenance friends value the personal feelings and interests of another, with no intention to take it for granted.

Thus, with a low-maintenance fellow as your friends, you get treated with respect, even as they do not take your personal decisions or space for granted.

For example, you might be experiencing a hard time, which may be causing mental stress; your low-maintenance friend should be able to identify with your situation when relating with you and not worsen matters.


5.    Easy to stick with forever

Though low-maintenance friends are not clingy, they’re easy to stick with– as you can discuss virtually anything with them. Since you’re real when you’re around them.

You’re so true to each other, and no one is trying to form or act what they’re not.

So, you may discuss with this friend how a dissatisfied customer bashed into your store and was going to set your store ablaze, even after trying so hard to calm him. And she may also tell you how a man old enough to be her daddy tried wooing her last week in a grocery store. The list goes on and on, depending on the (shared) interest of both of you.


6.    Encourage each other

No doubt, at some point, we all need encouragement from others. And that’s one of the benefits you get when you’re in a low-maintenance friendship. You can always pick up your phone to reach out to your friend, and he’ll be glad to render help to you in the best way he/she can.

Your friend may give you a little boost on your confidence to embark on a project that appears impossible for you to achieve. And that might just be all you need—moral support. However, it could be financial, depending on the prevailing circumstance.

This is where some people miss it. They abuse the meaning of low-maintenance friendship. Imagine someone who barely calls you to ask how you’re faring (not necessarily constantly) and asking for financial favors.

That’s not what a low-maintenance friendship is. Both parties ought to be supportive of each other. While a low-maintenance friend may love you for who you are (unconditionally, you may call it), no one enjoys the feeling of being used.


7.   Ease in reconnection

This point may appear a bit challenging to explain. But it’s something you probably have experienced at some point. Remember when you came across one of your close high school friends on Facebook. How was the whole process? Did you reconnect easily? Did you start from what you had discussed before there was a disconnect?

No doubt, your answer may be subjected to different factors; how long you communicated, your current status and responsibility, and others things you may want to think about.

But consider this example. A low-maintenance friend of yours, whom you’ve spoken to in the past two months, called you yesterday in the evening hours after a busy day at work. And upon receiving his call, you somewhat received strength and spoke with him at length, starting from where you stopped in the last phone conversation you had…


He had told you about his intention to execute an expansion plan for his business. In other words, you both talked as though you had only interacted the previous day and had to continue the following day.


Difference between a Low-maintenance friendship and a high-maintenance friendship

  • As said earlier, low-maintenance friends don’t demand so much from you as they have to offer you. And they’re different from high-maintenance friends that are clingy and can be a thorn in your flesh; competing for your time.
  • For high-maintenance friends, everything revolves around them. They’re more concerned about their schedule than yours and can demand your availability, even though your schedules are tight. But that’s not the same for low-maintenance friendship.
  • A low-maintenance friend is simple and open to correction, but the reverse is for a high-maintenance fellow. He doesn’t like to be wrong, and thus he can get into a verbal fight with you until you give up.
  • To sum up this section. A high-maintenance friendship is everything that a low-maintenance friendship is not. While there are ways to handle high-maintenance friends or family members, the following are things you can do to attract low-maintenance friendships.


Tips on how to attract more low-maintenance friendship


  1. For every friendship, set your standards and terms by clearly defining the relationship
  2. Be valuable
  3. Treat people respectfully
  4. Set boundaries. While you respect others, you don’t want to receive the others.
  5. Put yourself first (your health and time)
  6. Don’t allow high-maintenance fellows to bully you.
  7. Stay humble and educable
  8. Let people know your worth without arrogance
  9. Stay in charge of your emotions
  10. Get productive with your time (bonus tip)



Life will always bring different people your way, including both low-maintenance and high-maintenance individuals. But it is your responsibility to get the best out of every relationship you choose to enter or you’re part of because of your background.


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