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Helping others seems to be easier in words than in actions. But why? You’ll find the reason as you learn the 10 ways to help others without being a superhero.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others.”  

While the quote above appears so true, there’s another reality on the other side of the coin. Today many of us are engrossed in ourselves and find it hard to notice what the next person close to us is going through. Either in our interpersonal relationships with colleagues at work, neighbors in our community, or our relationships with family members.


What are the Benefits of helping others? 

While there may be 100 ways to help others, you can sum up the benefits of doing good for others in one word: self-fulfillment. 

Yes, being able to help those in need can be fulfilling as you put smiles on the faces of others and hope in their hearts. And often, this strengthens your sense of purpose and builds super self-esteem for anyone.

Essentially, helping others in need boosts your mental health and overall wellbeing. Often the result is living a life of gratitude.

So how do you help others without being a superhero?


10 Ways to help Others without being a Superhero


1. Be generous with your knowledge. 

Every human face challenges now and then, often because of ignorance. But through this understanding, you should know that one of the ways to help others is by being generous with your knowledge. Learn to share your knowledge because that may be the solution to someone’s challenge.

2. Look out for the Goldmine in others

Everybody needs validation at one point or the other. And of the ways to help others is learning to find out something in others and issuing a positive reinforcement in the form of validation. Some of these things might be unknown to these people, but observing and encouraging them to work more on them can be very inspiring. 

3. Share your resources

Your resources as a person include your time, money, or another thing you own that is of value to you—and certainly to someone else. At your workplace, you may help manage stress at work (that could have built up) by helping to correct a malfunction on/her computer. 

And it may be financially assisting a friend who’s undergoing a tough time financially.

4. Giving honest and constructive feedback

Here’s what is lacking in today’s world full of flattery and teasing. But in any interpersonal communication, whether in a low-maintenance friendship or romantic relationship, giving genuine feedback in love is priceless. 

Through sincere and constructive feedback, you help others to grow and become more— in meaningful endeavors.

5. Make sacrifices

Out of 10 Ways to help others, this one sounds so general. But it’s a sign of being selfless and ready to help those in need without expecting a favor back.

Thus, you should know that helping others may mean halting your busy schedule, taking money from your bank account, or cheering up someone, even though it’s not 100% convenient.

6.  Be the first to ask

Just imagine you woke up in the morning, and the first chat from a friend you read on your WhatsApp is:

Hello (Your name), today is another brand new day. Please tell me how I can be of help to you in making your day more fulfilling.

The truth is that you’ll feel flushed, just like anyone else who reads that on a beautiful morning.

Now note, you’re not asking for help but how you can be of helping hand. That’s what you should be the first to ask, especially for someone who finds it hard to complain about their problems or pains to others. 

7. Listening to the hearts of others

No doubt, everyone is battling with their challenges in life. But while some find it hard to nag about their situations, others are just hoping someone would not just hear but listen to them.

In other words, active listening is one of the 10 ways to help others without being a superhero. But truly you become one when you give your ears out and listen to someone who needs your attention without cutting them short or judging them.

8. Redirecting gifts

Have you heard this from someone, “I don’t like giving out gifts as gifts to other people?” While that may sound so cool, that may not be correct. 

Say, for example, you’re a wealthy personality. And on your birthday, you can get a call from a close friend who wants to gift you some money and feel you don’t need that money, you could plead respectably with the giver to redirect it to a charity group, or as the case may be.

9.  Give yourself to volunteering

There are thousands of less privileged individuals in the world. And one of the ways of helping others (those who’re destitute) is joining a Nongovernmental organization (NGO) in a laudable cause by volunteering or perhaps making donations.

10. Practice kindness through appreciation 

As said earlier, there are 100 ways to help others. But you can help others regain their sense of belonging and let them know they’re appreciated. It could be by just saying, “Thank you”. And it could just be hailing that cleaner at your workplace and saying well-done, even if you’re responsible for paying his/her salary. 


Other Simple Steps You Can Take Aside the 10 Ways of helping others

  1. Stand by your promises
  2. See the value in everyone
  3. Respect the belief of others
  4. Assist someone with your skills. It could be helping a friend in polishing his/her resume for a job application
  5. Give the aging a helping hand in your neighborhood
  6. Use graceful words to others, even on social media.
  7. Donate clothes, books, food, and other items for charitable causes.
  8. Give hope to someone who just got a blow from a disappointment
  9. Brighten someone’s day with a beautiful smile
  10. Don’t laugh at the misfortune of others
  11. Be courteous to others
  12. Stop backbiting or slandering other people’s personality
  13. Give a helping hand to someone struggling to lift something. It could be at the grocery or any other place.
  14. Discretely encourage others to adopt a helpful culture such as reading books or any other.
  15. Provide credible contact in your circle to someone else who needs their help or service.
  16. Help to promote your friend’s business
  17. Be accommodating to others. It could be a recruit to your team.


We’ve looked at the benefits of helping others and the 10 ways to help others without being a superhero. And yes, you don’t need a degree in humanities to be able to do that. Nor do you need to have all the money in the world. 

Helping others in need only requires you to be empathic. And especially, when doing good for others has consumed your heart. 


What other ways do you think one can help others without being a superhero?


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