10 Psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship

5 Dreadful Psychological Effects of False accusations in a Relationship

Mud sticks. And indeed, the psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship can be overwhelming. That’s because being falsely accused is an unpleasant experience for anyone.

Do you think it’s worth fighting for a relationship in which you got wrongly accused? Or do you think raising a red card in your partner’s face is the best thing to do?

In this article, you’ll learn the terrible psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship and how you can handle the situation of being accused by your relationship partner. 

Psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship

1. Stress

Relationships have to do with matters of the heart and can be a source of worry when things go sour. And anything that can cause distress for you is a stressor. 

You can imagine how you’ll feel when someone you genuinely love accuses you of cheating in a relationship. You’d get drained emotionally by the feeling of being betrayed– betrayal of your trust. And questions like this will linger in your heart:

“How could she/he think or believe that…?”

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2. Anxiety

When a person gets accused falsely by his/her partner, the fear of not knowing what will follow can create anxiety. For example, a lady accused by her partner will naturally start thinking of a breakup.

And when she observes her partner distancing himself from her, she begins to think he’s impliedly saying goodbye to her.

3. Withdrawal

A relationship attacked by false accusations will hardly witness care, trust, mutual love, and respect. And often, the outcome is that honesty and intimacy get extinguished in such a relationship.

The accused partner tends to withdraw from intimate interpersonal relationships with others, as he/she begins to find it difficult to trust others. Because his/her trust in the partner who falsely accused earned distrust and betrayal in return. 

Also, that may lead to fear of rejection in life, especially in a romantic relationship.

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4. Strained communication

One of the psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship is that communication between the parties involved gets strained. And so, the partners begin to behave like strangers to each other.

Most, especially, the accused parties gradually lack the motivation to commit any effort to build rapport with someone who hardly trusts him/her. In other words, the communication in the relationship grows cold. 

5. Frustration in a relationship 

Partners experience burnout as they battle with the thought of breaking up. And usually, partners’ unwillingness to communicate their frustration in a relationship leads to the end of a relationship. 


Practical story of the quick Psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship

Feeling dejected, 19years old Judy stepped out. And she dragged her feet along the busy road. She sobbed within herself. 

After three years of her relationship with Richard, he still finds it hard to trust her. But she couldn’t take it anymore. 

“In her thought, Judy wandered. Streams of thoughts rushed through her mind about her 25years old boyfriend, Richard.” She thought.

“How could I have ever thought he was going to change? But when will he outgrow his jealousy and insecurities?

How does taking a photograph with Thompson, my longtime friend, translate into having a sexual relationship with him?”

But now, her phone was ringing in her purse, which suspended her thought about Richard.

She reached out for her phone, and it was Jenny, her best friend. What a perfect time, she thought. A beautiful bailout from the thought and drama of false accusation, her stomach churned.

How to handle false accusations in a relationship

Just like Judy, many are going through the psychological effect of false accusations in a relationship. But those who can deal with situations of false accusations of a romantic relationship learn deep life lessons that only experience can teach. 

But how does one deal with false accusations in a relationship? Below are some helpful tips to follow:

Be objective about the matter 

While the psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship are quite terrible, there’s a way out. And first, you need to be objective about the matter. 

Put everything into perspective by trying to find out the cause of the accusations from your partner. Could it be the following:

  • The emotional baggage of your partner
  • Jealousy
  • Fear and insecurity, or 
  • Other underlying causes 


Rash decisions usually end in despair. But here, you can only listen when your partner is willing to talk. 

If throwing false accusations is what your relationship partner does a lot, then you need to reconsider your compatibility. In doing this, you need to be brutally honest with yourself. 

How long do you intend to battle the issue of trust and false accusations in your relationship? 

If you can’t keep up with it, you can decide to put a full stop to that by breaking up with your partner who keep wrongly accusing you That’s better when done early than when it’s too late.

Seek psychological counseling 

While it’s important to know what you want for your life and in a relationship, seeking help from a psychological therapist can be helpful.

Quotes about False accusations in a relationship 

Don’t waste your time trying to provide people with proof of deceit, in order to keep their love, win their love or salvage their respect for you. The truth is this: If they care they will go out of their way to learn the truth. If they don’t then they really don’t value you as a human being. The moment you have to sell people on who you are is the moment you let yourself believe that every good thing you have ever done or accomplished was invisible to the world. And, it is not!

Shannon L. Alder

When an accusation is thrown at you that does not fit you, when it doesn’t capture what you know to be true about yourself or your behavior, mentally flip it back on your partner. He is likely accusing you of what he is doing or feeling. Accusations can be about the narcissist’s own vulnerabilities and weaknesses (accusing you of being overly ambitious when he is ambitious, criticizing you for being unsuccessful, or not making enough money when he is not feeling successful in that space)

Ramani Durvasula,

NB: Quotes were gotten from Goodreads.



No relationship grows without communication. But without trust, the interactions between two persons remain dry as the way strangers communicate. That also applies to one’s relationship with family members.

In other words, one can plan to live above these psychological effects of false accusations in a relationship by carefully studying a partner before actually committing him/herself to such a relationship. Remember, like attracts likes.

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